[A] Dissent(25) 3 nights - LF DPS!

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Unicorn tanks, where art thou?

Fa la la la la pre-xmas bump

PS: nothing witty to say
best pally tank on the server would help but cbf lvl'n
More dps would be good. Not an issue if you can't make all 3 nights.

Bump in the night
la la la la up
These guys


LF DPS and a few Heal applications!

Any spot in your alt runs?
Bump for good bunch.

How goes the recruitment?
04/22/2012 11:14 AMPosted by Øuchest
This wouldnt be the same Dissent that used to be lead by Arbaal would it?

I am still around being awesome but!!
Site is down, but im keen to jump on board, playing since B.C...can heal or dps

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