[H] Misguided Retribution 6/14H LF Mage/Sham

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Misguided Retribution is looking for a committed/skilled Mage or Ele Shaman for our core 10 man raid group. We are 6/14H in Siege of Orgrimmar. This is a core spot; if you can commit to the schedule and perform well you will have a spot every week!

What we need:
1 Mage OR Elemental Shaman

Raid schedule:
Monday - 9pm-12am EST
Tuesday - 9pm-12am EST
Wednesday - 9pm-12am EST

Send in game mail or whisper Voldus if interested. A full interview in Mumble or Vent will follow. It's important to us that we speak to you in depth. In this way we can see if you are right for us and if we are right for you.

Real ID: Erick#1433
Bump. Still looking for 3 solid DPS for Friday's raid. Come own Firelands with us! :D
Bump with updated needs. The core is almost complete, just need another tank :D
Have no fear, your tank is here!! Well maybe if you choose me. You can look at my armory by clicking my name. I am alright on raid times. Is there a guild website i can apply too?
Bump once again for updated needs. Our resto druid's computer blew up so we need 1 healer! Resto shaman/druid preferred.
Bump. Now 7/7, need a tank!
Good for now. :P
Bump. Need a hunter, lock, or elemental shaman!
Bump for updated needs!
Bump! We need a hunter!
Bump, need a tank!
Bump, still looking for a DK or Pally tank.
Bump with a slight change! Tank or enhancement shaman needed.
4/8HM Fool We needs a peeps or to hit him up people.
Bump, still need a DK tank, Ret pally with good tank OS or an enhance shaman.

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