[H] Misguided Retribution 6/14H LF Mage/Sham

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Bump with updated needs. Need a mage!
I'm a mage.
Bump for still needing an off tank with a good dps OS. Ret pally would be perfect.
Bump for updated needs, need a resto druid/holy priest and mage!
Still need a raid healer and mage!
Bump, still looking for a mage and resto druid/holy priest.
Bump, could sure use a healer :D
Bump, we need spell haste! :D
Bump for updated needs.
Bump again, the search for reliable people continues.
Bump. Got a healer just need 2 dps.
Bump. Just need 1 dps for Friday, would prefer a recruit to a PUG.
Bump again, just need one reliable warlock or hunter.
Bump, still need a lock or hunter for tonight
Bump, need to bolster our roster, losing some folks to RL

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