Blood-Caked Blade

Death Knight
Hi. I play Blood as a main spec simply because of how powerful it is when survivability is taken into account. I honestly think it needs a little nerf. One talent in particular catches me as odd, a talent that used to be in the Unholy tree. In fact, it was a staple talent of Unholy DPS, and now it kinda sucks; Blood-Caked Blade. Not many skilled Death Knights, both PvPers and Tanks, ever take this talent. It's been nerfed significantly since it was in the Unholy tree when Wrath of the Lich King was released and is now really weak; a poor choice of talent point allocation for any Blood build honestly. The talent itself is only available to Blood Death Knights, it's a Tier 3 talent, so Frost and Unholy specs can't play around with it. Whatever happens to Blood being overpowered aside; I still propose a revamp of this Blood talent in order to make people want to take it, and to make Blood more fun to play.

Blood-Caked Blade: Your melee attacks have a 5%/10%/15% to reset the timer of your auto-swing, causing 100% weapon damage. In addition, this strike is a Blood-Caked strike, infecting your target with Blood Plague.

When I break down the wording of the talent itself, "Blood" "Caked" "Blade", I think to myself the blade should have some kind of poisonous effect; it's coated in blood(the death knight's)? Applying the Blood Plague disease upon proc makes the talent feel like the name.
DK tanks in FL gear already do great damage. That talent is an abomination, no one should ever spec into.
I've been considering creating a new blood spec as a tanky DPS spec for my guild's heroic baleroc attempts. I'd probably include it for the spec.

I'm only the decimation blade tank anyway. I spend most of my time spamming heart strike.
BCB is a fine talent. It's over 1% dps per point the last time I saw the sims, it's just an incredibly unnecessary talent, with a lot better options.
dont like hearing anyone say they NEED a nerf. really? =\

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