How do i put gems in sockets?

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How do i put gems in sockets?
Shift+right click I believe.
When you mouse over a piece of gear, the tooltip should say something like "Shift+right-click to socket" Then you open your bag, and drag the gem to the slot you want it to go in.
nobody uses gems...they are bad and not needed at all

Lies. ;)
Guys, I think she's legitimate, leave her alone.
I think she is too, she had a question about what yellow gem would be good for her to use earlier.
10/12/2011 11:47 AMPosted by Lukar
Not sure if trolling...
You make me sick.
ouchhhhhh. power torrent on a soul blade.

anyhow, yeah - shift right click to get your gems in there. Also, you should look into using glyphs as well as they can add lots of stuff to your spells, etc.
I'm 90% sure she is telling the truth and not a troll. Her character profile shows that her gem slots are not filled at all.
10/12/2011 12:54 PMPosted by Nakedcow
I'm 90% sure she is telling the truth and not a troll. Her character profile shows that her gem slots are not filled at all.

And also that they bought a soul blade and a power torrent enchant to put on it. That's a strength DPS BoE and an int proc enchant. And in all the outrageous gear choices they made, they still got enough JP to buy 2T11.

You can't really be sure..
I was going to post a google link, but this thread is result number 7 in the search.
You are in a guild with 900+ members and you went to the forum to ask?

How do i put gems in sockets?

Shift-rightclick the item with the gem slot, and drag the gem from your bag to the socket, and click the button. You don't need to separate stacks of gems before socketing them, you'll only use one gem per socket regardless.

If there's a gem already there, it'll be destroyed when you regem.
did a little searching and i came up with these links that should help you out!

(this one may be a little confusing, but it rates the gems based on their use, it can give you a better idea of what to use.)

Here are some guides to help you for whatever spec you like to play!

Hope that helps!
Just a little tip, your relic has a Prismatic Socket. That means you can put whatever gem you like in there! (except for Meta gems, those are only used on helmets).

Happy hunting!

Just to be clear (since some newer players make this mistake) you can always put any color gem in any color socket, but you have to give up the socket bonus to do so. For certain classes, dps especially, matching socket bonuses is not done so often because the value of their primary stats is so much higher than secondary stats like expertise, crit, haste, mastery, and so forth.

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