1.35% of all wow players completed normal FL

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After it got nerfed. Personally i never had the chance to get even close simply because my previous guild xferred to horde and i just pvp casually now.



The Firelands changes impacted a pumpkin carving contest that rewarded fan art, eh?

How dreadful.

If you read the article, those numbers only include US players.

So that's an inaccurate percentage, there.
Is that ALL characters? Or just those that are 85.

I have quite a few inactive characters, my Paladin and Warlock are my only active ones.

I'm sure there are plenty of people like myself which would skew the scales.

We take a look at just how many more players were able to down Heroic Ragnaros and clear Normal Firelands. Data was looked at for over 2.7 million level 85 characters, most of them being in the US.

It's much higher than 1.35%, if we put it at 2.7mill, it's closer to 5%
No. It says 85 characters. not level 85 players.
So, including the entirety of the WoW Population, that percentage is probably around 5%, which is a percentage that correlates back to Vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade times where only 5% of the WoW population back then got to see raid content.

Now we have to wait and see if they do any better with Deathwings Raid b/c if those numbers continue to be like Vanilla and Burning Crusade, only about 0.5% of the WoW Population will kill him (just like C'thun, KT and the Kil'jadan).

Makes me miss the days of Wrath where those numbers were about 12%-20% for all the raids leading upto Lich King and 25% for ICC overall. Much better imho.
The Firelands changes impacted a pumpkin carving contest that rewarded fan art, eh?

How dreadful.

for some reason I can't stop laughing at this

might be insanity from working on archeology, though
It cracks me up when people say over and over again in this forum that the majority of the player base is raiding.

These people have no idea that what the majority of the player base is doing is questing below level 85 on a single character. And enjoying it, because it's pretty and new to them.

Blizzard goes to a lot of trouble to create quality end-game content that the great majority of its players will never see for various reasons. I don't mind at all that they are continually trying to come up with ways to make end-game content more enjoyable and accessible (to new players, it's neither), while still catering to the desires of the vocal "serious" players who are much fewer in number.

I'm tempted to join a FL pug. I'm just afraid my DPS isn't high enough. I tried my first full raid last week, BOT pug. We wiped on Council twice and half the raid rage quit over it not being a push over.
10/13/2011 12:46 AMPosted by Ferlion
No. It says 85 characters. not level 85 players.

That doesn't count for much then. I have fourteen level 85 characters. Only two of them do any serious raiding.

These numbers don't say much.
well you only have to stand around stormwind for a while and look at all the 85's to notice most peoples toons are in non-raid gear.

I'm in 5 guilds and none of them raid

3 of those guilds have capped out at 1000 characters as well.

guildless and not raiding until 4.3.
i doubt though there will be enough ppl queueing up for random raid.
You do realize that is says "downed Heroic Ragnaros" don't you?

edit: Normal FL is so easy a caveman could do it. It is being pugged on the server i play on.
My guild is downing Rag this weekend if that helps.

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