1.35% of all wow players completed normal FL

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10/13/2011 12:46 AMPosted by Ferlion
85 characters

Exactly. L2Stats, OP. It's the results of Armory trawling for achievements and includes inactive players, herbalism alts, brand new 85s, strict pvp'ers, and various other characters that don't attempt to raid.

According to WoWprogress, 55% of US PvE guilds have killed Rag. You have to either be trolling or have not the tiniest bit of a clue about the state of the game to think that 98.65% of players have not yet finished normal Firelands.
Sounds right to me. I have toons in two decent-sized guilds, and I don't think ANYONE in those guilds has down Rag in Normal or Heroic.
So, 1.35% now understand what we mean when we say FL is awful.

If you read the article, those numbers only include US players.

So that's an inaccurate percentage, there.

It's called sampling.
If you actually look a the stats, the interesting numbers are that, as of October 3, 135,859 characters have defeated normal Firelands, and 2,376 have defeated heroic Ragnaros.

Given that this is from a sample of 2.7 million level 85 characters, mostly in the U.S., that's pretty small.

The number of players is smaller when you consider that many players who have done this have done it on multiple toons.

I'd also like to see how many characters have defeated any Cataclysm raid boss (except in Baradin Hold) recently. With that, we could get the fraction of active raiders who have completed Firelands.
Only Blizz has the stats that count. They know the number of players that have downed content and can buff it and nerf it as they see fit to make that number close to where they want.
Virtually every experience I've had with the raiding culture has been negative, so I have no interest in joining a proper raiding guild, especially considering what great friends I have in my current guild. That leaves PUGs as my only option for raiding, but almost no one ever PUGs on my server, and when they do, it's usually late at night, when I'm too tired to play effectively. And then the few PUGs that happen when I can play usually require you to be at least 6/7 normal to even be considered.

And don't give me the "start your own PUG" argument. People won't join a PUG of someone with no prior experience. Hell, even I wouldn't do it without at least one person who'd seen the content before, and I'm about as tolerant of inexperienced players as you can possibly be.

Pretty much everyone I know in-game is in the same situation.

We were going in the right direction in WotLK with easier raids, different lock-outs for 10/25, and the weekly quest giving an incentive to PUG. It wasn't an ideal situation, but at least I got to raid in a limited capacity. Cataclysm feels like a major step back in this regard.

At this point, I've pretty much given up on even trying to raid until the Raid Finder comes out, and I've accepted I won't kill a FL boss until Mists of Pandaria.

I get the feeling these stats are a bit exaggerated, but I think it could be indicative of the problem players like me are having.
10/13/2011 02:01 AMPosted by Virina
No. It says 85 characters. not level 85 players.

That doesn't count for much then. I have fourteen level 85 characters. Only two of them do any serious raiding.

These numbers don't say much.

This, 1.35% of players is meaningless considering how many alts people carry around nowadays.

Regardless, with the new LFR tool and ezmode difficulty I'm sure that number will skyrocket next tier.
The OP does not understand statistics but has a point anyway. The bigger problem is this counts characters, NOT players.
We only raid 4 hours a week and downed Domo the week before the nerf. Meaning we didn't even get to try Rag before the nerf other than to run in and die to him for science. Also, I have ten 85s only one has seen Rag. I have done a couple other bosses on other toons.
I think the point he is trying to get across is that the nerfs did nothing to allow casual players to experience FL.

All it did was give elitest douchebag raiders more ammo to refer to people who have never done content bad and terrible.
1.35% of players sounds REALLY low, might want to recheck sources
Post-nerf Firelands is so easy even a hunter could do it.
...where is 1.35% coming from?

Neither graph gives that amount.

Whereas, wowprogress shows about 37K guilds have killed Shannox, which is about 900K players.
After it got nerfed. Personally i never had the chance to get even close simply because my previous guild xferred to horde and i just pvp casually now.


NO. Stop misreading the information.

They parsed about 2.7 million characters. Of those characters as of 10/4 5% of them had killed normal rag. With the number increasing by about 20,000 a week since the nerf.

1) They parsed characters not players. I have 10 toons. Only one has killed rag. So my characters are at a 10% success rate. We do not know what percentage of players have completed FL.

2) Remember this is an MMORPG, the perfect result for blizzard will be for every player who wants to raid to have killed rag normal the week 4.3 launches. If most people had already killed him then they would have too many people cancelling for october and november, for a loss of income, and then they are left hoping they come back for 4.3 and have not found a new hobby.

The dirty secret of WoW is that most people can't raid.

If you go into just about any raid in resilience gear and no idea where to stand or what to do when you have xxxx debuff during Phase 2, the raid is not going to go well.

There's only one guild on Hyjal that's completed Heroic Ragnaros. 25 people on the entire server. None on the Alliance side.

Some people think if you pay a subscription, like for HBO, you have a right to watch a tv show like Game of Thrones.
20% of people in that parse have downed reg fl. 1.08% have cleared heroic fl. looks ok to me...
Im unsure where you got 1.35% from

2.7 million people sampled
135,000 people have downed Rag

So thats 5%

And thats before you take into account that people have unplayed alts.

I have 4 85s that I have never raided with.

20% of people in that parse have downed reg fl. 1.08% have cleared heroic fl. looks ok to me...

People really need to explain their math.

Last I checked

135000/2700000 =/= 20%

its closer to 5%


2300/2700000 =/= 1.08%
its closer to .08%

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