[A] Ten Man Or Less [10M 7/7]

Ten Man Or Less, a level 25 guild, is looking for mature, skilled players to fill out a few spots for our core progression group.

Current open spots for the core 10 man progression group:

Holy Paladin
Combat Rogue
Elemental Shaman (pref with a Restoration OS)

Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and occasionally Thursday 8:00PM-11:00PM Central Timezone/ST.

Requirements are, mature (no raging, rude insulting comments ect), punctual, reliable prefer 370+ item level PvE equipped, with 7/7 normal mode experience. Proper gems/enchants/reforges/specs, are a must. You must be open to constructive criticism, and willing to give out the same, without it coming across as a personal attack.

We are currently 1/7 HM working on progression which has been halted for some time due to attendance issues. Progression means wiping, and you must be prepared for that. You must have Ventrilo with a working microphone. Feasts and Cauldrons are provided in the raid, no need to bring your own.

You can contact me via this thread or in-game if I'm on.

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