How best race alliance for warlock pve?

Talk guys plz.
Human. Cus the gear looks half decent on them.
Search guy plz.

Diplomacy FTW.

"How best race alliance for warlock pve"


What's the best alliance race for a warlock in PvE?

I'd say, probably Worgen for the 1% crit.

cuz crit is vital for warlocks
Dwarf for the racial bonus to firearms.
PVE and PVP both hands down human.

Free trinket for pvp is awesome sauce.

10 pct reputation diplomacy bonus for humans is awesome sauce. If you have not noticed with each new expansion Blizzards loves adding reputation grinds.
Human, because they look decent and because their 10% rep decreases rep grinds, and because the trinket has its uses.

And because they kick a55 at PvP.

Worgen's 1% crit is marginal at best.
More like 60% of PvE situations. There are plenty of boss fights in wow that have CC that you can break free of using the racial. Thus allowing you to laugh at the rest of the CC'd party.
I just returned from some rest and got ugly news about a lot of things of our race.
Ok My perspective is like this:


*Doing Raiding: Gnome. WHY? 5% more MANA pool! and you say UMAD!!!!!! nope, actually no I´m not XD everyone says "OOH WARLOCKS DON'T HAVE PROBLEMS WITH MANA BLAH BLAH BLAH" <------- NOT true at all, if your doing RAIDS have to control the damage! So Less Life Tap, Less Healing For Ya! Another Thing LESS Life Tap ----> More CD you don't waste doing life tap -.-
*REP-------> Human
*Want to lock Bad !@# and talk all "I´m A DOG AND I´LL KILL YOU FOR A BONE" Go Worgen.
*Want to look like an A55 go and make yourself a Dwarf XD

I´ve never played with the horde, well sometimes they come and visit our castle and we play with them for a while you know! like buddys XD hehe Jk, Jk

I ´ve read that Orcs Kick Ars for the 5% pet damage Increase
UNDEAD LOOKS, WALKS, even SMELLS BADA55 XD I love Alliance just beacuse that I dont change Factions XD and make me UNDEAD!! METAL, Smelly, I dont Give A rat Ars Undead warlock XD

But in the other Hand Gnomes Rules come on you can denied when you get kill by a gnome you dont care !! is like when we get hit by Rouge we Curse and scream "U FKI##"$$&# IDI"#$&% MO"#%#$ Rogue! " XD is the same now imagine a rogue gnome OMG fock But Like 100 times better A gnome warlock XD
Just go for aesthetics. Dwarves are extremely rare as Warlocks. Their stoneform is apparently very useful in PvP for clearing rogue poisons. Gnomes are also fun, but do not get confused with their racial bonus (It's 5% to mana pool, not 5% intellect). The Escape Artist ability can be useful in PvP (and occasionally PvE).

I personally only like playing Gnomes/Dwarves. No me gusta Humans. Meh for Worgen. But any racial bonus, even the 1% crit, is going to add an unnoticeable bonus to your character.
05/19/2012 07:52 AMPosted by Quinceyy
(It's 5% to mana pool, not 5% intellect).

Yes you´re absolutely right thank you XD
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