Inscription -Still need Book of GlyphMastery?

So tonight my Northrend research did not give me a new discovery, and the minor one stopped last week. There are still a number of glyphs I do not have however.

Am I right in assuming these last ones are only available via the books? I was under the impression the books were made obsolete and you could learn them via the Northrend research.

With the books only dropping in Northrend seems pretty silly that you need 50+ of these to be able to craft everything..
yep, supposed to be fixed "soon" so all can be gained from research
they said some time ago that they were gonna add those glyphs to research but it hasnt happened yet and no word on when.

if you want to sell glyphs, buy the books they are worth it at pretty much any price. if you are wanting to make the glyphs for yourself then its a waste of time/effort/money to try and get the recipies when you only need to buy the glyph once.

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