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Anyone know a nice font addon like NiceDamage? I've set to find anything similar.
What's wrong with nicedamage btw? It'd be easier to recommend something if it was apparent what you were looking for in particular.
Ahhh. Don't worry about the dates. I mean if it's not working that's one thing, but default combat text and its font very rarely changes in patches, so it's unlikely those addons will be religiously updated anyway.
Just load out of date addons and see if it works. If not, try one of the alternatives.
Nah, it didn't work at all. I'll check what you linked soon.
Get "Fonter" ( it's definitely the best and most complete font changing addon I've seen yet. Just remember to restart the game completely to see all the font changes, especially the damage font.
Try xDamageFont.

You can also use the original ClearFonts, its hasn't been updated in years but it still works since the API for editing fonts hasn't changed at all.
I'll have to check this out. I used to use the Roth Diablo_OuF orbs because in that package included a font folder that allowed all the default fonts to be changed, but now having the Font folder created problems that made game unplayable.

What do you mean made the game unplayable? Replacing fonts via font folder is a genuine way of changing fonts. It should in no way impact your game otherwise.

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