What is Best DK name?

Death Knight
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Xdethnitexx is obviously the best name!!
I think mine is awesome, but, no doubt, the best DK name is Knightmare, by far far. I'm sooo jealous of whoever got this name.

Deathdealer also i think is awesome, got this on my hunter!yeah!
I am Thor's weapon. Nuff said.
Mine. /thread
Ladydeath, !@#$%^-*!e, Malaise.. I vote all cool sexy chick DK names!

I would let you use mine, but there can only be one...
mine sadly...
I prefer names that sum up the whole DK experience.
I'd say mine is.
Try to be creative. I hate seeing DKs with names like: Arthasdk, or xxarthasxx, sephiroth, blooddk, and the like.
Wowwiki has a link of blood/high elf names and words that are good :Mariel, Athaniar, Anandor, Tharama, Viridiel, Malanior

Names of diseases can be good too : Bubonic, Blackdeath, Atrophy, , Cowpox (a good tauren name), diphtheria, gangrene, and so on.
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You can't be serious right now.
unholypally (Most dks were paladins for the argent dawn its irony... :P )
Miasma (cookies to anyone who knows what im talking about)
I use dictionary.com search for a meaning I want, and that leads me to a word. This toon's name means "Overshadow" in old english (though not applied in the right context, but wasn't about to get overly technical). Use the thesarus, will give you lots to choose from (can even modify the names a tad, say you find Malignant, thus call the toon Malignus).
12/30/2011 03:30 PMPosted by Ohgodfleas
Sephiroth or XxarthasxX

I happen to like mine, although I must admit it was more fitting when I was an Undead.
Runnx best blood dk name ever

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