The unobtainable robe and tailoring pattern

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Since cata, many many people have been searching for Chan's Imperial Robe and Pattern: Cindercloth Vest. The robe itself is valuable with transmog coming up, but the vest is a key piece to anyone wishing to cosplay as the final boss in sm cath. At current, since the release of cataclysm, the only way to obtain the robe is off someone who previously obtained it before the expansion and the pattern must have been learned by a tailor previous to said expansion.

Up until now, Gms have answered our hopeful inquiries saying that they still drop with a very low drop rate. What they've also said is that even they can't find much information about where.

The information we have on Chan's Imperial Robe according to GMs:
low drop rate
limited lookup ability
most likely does not drop from the rare spawn it previously was carried by because of the level of the rare spawn
hinterlands itself was lowered in level due to cataclysm, and according to the above logic it cannot drop from mobs there.
*new* GM has confirmed it can be found in Hinterlands, which completely boggles my brain because of previous statement. Same GM also mentioned that their information may not be up to date.
-- wowhead poster mentions it was removed for it's previous rare spawn's loot table

The information we have on Pattern: Cindercloth Vest:
GM confirmation that it is still in the game
GM confirmation it has low drop rate
wowpedia states it, like the robe, has not been seen since cata's release
the pattern for pants still drops same place, but neither the vest or gloves have dropped since cata.
*New* GM data suggests that it still drops in Searing Gorge, however as mentioned with the robe the information has a high possibility of being out of date.

GMs have no direct link to the development team, but the one who most recently suggested it may be outdated information also suggested that this may be our best chance of getting a dev's attention into this matter. So if you like me have been searching for these two items, please pass it on. Post and show them it's important to you.

Most of us who truly want it have no problem with farming for hours, days, or weeks for them. However, it is not acceptable to me to sacrifice my valuable time for things in a game I cannot even be confirmed that drop where they should.

edit: additionally I'd like to mention that in the past Chan's Imperial Robe was always a low drop rate, but the pattern was a lot easier to get.
When teir shaman gear stopped dropping the GM's insisted for months it was just rng and still in fact did drop.

I would consider it likely the GM information is incorrect or if in fact if it does drop its a such a low % its unfarmable. Ie world drop rate from one or a few mobs. Anything more and it would have been recorded in wowhead by now.

As for a blue post pretty sure the Blue post for 2011 on the professions forum has allready been made, your better off trying general or Customer support.
Dumb question, what other pieces of gear would you use for your Whitemaine look alike set? I've got the vest pattern (learned) from years ago and I'll probably put a set together.
im going to insult you by suggesting 13k is "exorbitant." go check out the buy/sell TCG loots forum if you want to know what word really means.

op: bummer about the pattern, since cata, they've been really spotty about things like this, its disappointing. best of luck.
I tried to buy the cindercloth vest pattern...

I spent a lot of time trying to farm it... than a lot of time trying to buy it for 3k+ on both factions of my realm...

many people said they would go farm for me... none ever returned... at least not with the pattern lol

perhaps a bug made it stop dropping...

┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
it doesn't drop. a lot of people have tried. and gm says best chance of getting ahold of dev is here, so here I post still in hope!
10/17/2011 03:51 AMPosted by Silke
Dumb question, what other pieces of gear would you use for your Whitemaine look alike set? I've got the vest pattern (learned) from years ago and I'll probably put a set together.
find some gloves that cover just the hands and add the vp bracers along with the sm cath hat and possibly a tabard :)
As with many other crazy people, been farming this since i hit 85 right after Cataclysm came out, havent seen the robe drop once. Killing mob 2-3 times per day. Would be really nice if this gets looked at and fixed some way.
Blizzard needs to address this issue already. It's obvious the GMs have no clue about it.
Robes of Arcana has gone missing too.

Thanks for the tip about people looking for Cindercloth Vests. My tailor alt knows that pattern so I will need to makes some.
My tailor has the Cindercloth Vest pattern. It dropped years ago. Maybe ask in trade or on your server's forum for a tailor with the pattern?
i also have been trying to get this pattern and can't, haven't seen the vest anywhere, not even in AHs.
we'd like this pattern back please :D
I can make this on Ursin just hit me up
The Pattern: Cindercloth Vest is on the AH here on Korialstrasz.
I hate to be that person but after reading this I just picked up two of these patterns in the AH for 5g each ... Keep an eye out in the AH is your best bet, a lot of people obviously aren't aware of the difficulty of getting this pattern now.
would love to see these back in game with mogging coming up
10/24/2011 01:31 PMPosted by Ankaa
i also have been trying to get this pattern and can't, haven't seen the vest anywhere, not even in AHs.

Of course you aren't going to see it on the Auction House. Just ask in trade if anybody knows the recipe. My tailoring alt does, and I'm sure there are many others.

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