The unobtainable robe and tailoring pattern

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I sell these for 125g, and feel bad about asking for that much.

However, if people are crazy enough to pay that much, by all means go for it.

That's about what I was charging for mine right after the 4.3 patch. I made a couple thousand gold selling them then but I haven't bothered to make any for a while.

On another note, I have 2 of the Cindercloth Vest patterns on another server. Any suggestions on what price I could get for them?

im guessing 100k no problem.
much more if you are on a hardcore server.

i have a few chans on a twink - but i think they are all bop now. i should check.
heard this is the best way to get a dev's attention to put these back in-game
really wanting Chan's Imperial Robes
my tailor on horde side magtheridon can make the cindercloth vest.
Right before I was gonna go start farming I see all these people saying they are spending weeks at a time with no luck. Demoralizing before I even get a chance to start...
I feel ya, Enflamed. I'm about to start my farm route for the pattern for my priest. Balnazaar is stupidly under populated.
I just recently started leveling another tailor, my first since cata. I spent a couple hours farming the vest pattern as ackis recipe list told me it dropped from these mobs, I finally went to wowhead and found the posts of weeks of farming and then the conflicting GM statements about it.

I would like both Chan's Imperial Robe and Pattern: Cindercloth Vest reinstated in game as both have clearly fallen through the cracks of changes and no longer drop.

It is in my opinion ridiculous that they added to the engineering trainer the deepdive helm recipe that was removed, they gave to horde a previously alliance only pattern recipe via trainer. But when all many of us want is a CHANCE to get a unique look robe or the pattern for a unique look chestpiece that is part of a set it is apparently less a priority than a low level cooking recipe that served only to add a single digit to the recipe book of collectors.

Please add both back to the game somewhere as drops. At the very least it shouldn't be terribly hard to add the tailoring recipe to the trainer. It is always a shame for such wonderful work as was done with these models to be lost in such a way.

Thank You for your considerations.
the pattern for pants still drops same place, but neither the vest or gloves have dropped since cata.
*New* GM data suggests that it still drops in Searing Gorge, however as mentioned with the robe the information has a high possibility of being out of date.

Got this pattern in Searing Gorge just on Monday. Think it dropped from one of the Thesarisen (spelling ?)Spys near chiselgrip.
And the Robe? Chan's Imperial Robe is something that should still be in game as I know quite a few people who would give a freakin leg to have it. I myself have been farming for at least 5 months.

Bring it back or at least give us official confirmation as to whether it is truly gone or not.
My tailor can craft the vest on Horde Korgath (US) for those interested. Contact by in-game mail, rates are negotiable.
bump for pattern back in game or at least a straight answer from a GM :D
So it's been most of a year since this thread was started. In that time we've had GMs confirming that it still drops, GMs confirming that it doesn't drop (see the Wowhead page for the Cindercloth Vest pattern), and no notice from the devs at all. It would be really nice if this could be added back into the game (and preferably from Twilight Fire Guards, its original source, and not as a gold sink in the Black Market Auction House - people are already gouging for it, no need to restrict it even further to those with multi-millionaire bank alts!). Or at least could we get some confirmation that it's not in the game? I'm willing to farm for it - a lot of us are, evidently - but not if we don't know it even still exists!
Are we talking the Cindercloth Robe or Vest?
07/23/2012 11:03 PMPosted by Velikiy
Are we talking the Cindercloth Robe or Vest?

Ime pretty sure they are talking about the vest.
Somebody is selling the Chan's robe on Alexstraza but its 100k.

I agree that most of the common removed patterns and such should be brought back ( ), but something like Dirge's shouldn't because it isn't required for the cooking achievment and it was basically said by Blizzard they were destroying that quest chain for it long in advance.

I actually really want to drop tailoring on my warlock, but I feel compelled to keep it just because she knows the cindercloth vest/robe patterns

(proudmoore alliance, if anyone needs!)

I actually really want to drop tailoring on my warlock, but I feel compelled to keep it just because she knows the cindercloth vest/robe patterns

(proudmoore alliance, if anyone needs!)

I know the cindercloth patterns on Alexstraza if anybody needs them.

Remember even if they bring these back, something like the Chan's Imperial Robes are still probably going to be extremely rare and probably 5+ hours of farming IF they make it an area drop (if its a drop from a rare, it will take longer). If they make it a world drop you can't really farm it and your banking on it coming up at the AH.
I can make the Cindercloth Vest on Uldum alliance side if anyone there needs it.
Send me an in game mail as this is not my main.
BRING BACK Chan's Imperial Robe's Model in MOP Blizzard!

We would all love that so much <3
If anybody has the pattern for the cindercloth vest on Emerald Dream, my little priest tailor would love to buy it. (I don't have a lot of gold, tho, having just started on the server a month ago) I've been farming for the pattern for several days, with no luck.

Also, IMO, if Blizzard can "fix" the blessed water lily (or was it flood lily?) so that it doesn't work outside the quest area, they can fix the drop rates for these items.
Just plucked the Cindercloth Vest pattern off of the AH for 1K. I can't say whether it dropped or if someone was just doing some housekeeping.

Not sure what i should do with it...

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