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Recently i reinstalled WoW and got into game with everything on ultra and i can't see the water. I've been reading forums and collecting information and i guess this happened earlier this year? I updated my drivers (graphics) and still nothing. Any suggestions?
try lowering the liquid detail setting down to fair
Are you running in DX11 or DX9 mode?

If you are running in DX11 mode and have your graphics settings turned to ultra AND have your AA set high with a graphics card that doesn't have alot of video ram then sometimes the water graphics fail to load. I have these issues if I try to turn my AA up to 8x under DX11 mode while running a Nvidia surround setup (3 - 23" monitors)

Leave everything at ultra but turn down your AA settings and see if that fixes it.
Thank's Malt, it was the direct X. Why doesn't D11 work for it? do you know?
Its not that DX11 doesn't work, its that the implementation of DX11 support within wow basically makes the video card do more of the work in rendering the game environment. I know that's a pretty poor description of how it really works. If you turned down your AA some, it probably would show the water just fine. Just out of curiosity what kind of graphics card do you have and what resolution are you running at?

It should be noted that you actually have to have a DX11 capable card to actually enable DX11. While I'm sure you do, what you are experiencing is now your graphics card is using more of the graphics cards memory to do stuff other than a buffer for Anti-Aliasing. Since most graphics cards have a limited amount of ram and AA is a ram hog, anytime you start loading high res textures into that space means there's less space for AA to work. The first thing to go in Warcraft's case is the water.

Keep in mind this is just how I understand it and I might be completely wrong, but coming from my experience with my nvidia surround setup, graphics memory seems the big limitation when trying to run in DX11 mode, especially at really high resolutions and graphics settings.

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