[H-10] ★ Fabulous PINK ★- LFM for MoP

Guild Name: Fabulous PINK
Realm: Thrall (PVE)
Faction: Horde
Server Timezone: EST
Contact: Vianianah or Tánnin (alt+0225 for letter á)

About Fabulous PINK:

Fabulous PINK is a a fabulously friendly, sublimely scintillating PvE/PvP guild in Thrall - US. Our environment is well sociability and accumulated; we aren't the type of guild that are abrasive & vulgar.

Raid Progression:


Raid Schedule:

  • TBA
  • Recruitment Status:
    If you're talented, have the knowledge, and is interested in joining us. We like to remain as 10 Player in raiding; we do not have any further discussion of creating 25 Player. We do not use any voice communications ( Teamspeak, Ventrilo, & Etc ).





    Maturity - Well-Sociable, Know when to be serious and when to joke.
    Reliable - Have a good attendance and Must be 101% Reliable!
    Performance - You must play the best of your class. Tunnel vision the DPS/HPS Meter will not accomplish anything; survivability will. You also must be willing to pre-review strategy of boss encounters; we will explain brief strategy before boss encounter begins. Also have your gear set up correctly with enchants, gems, and reforges.
    Most importantly is to work together as team!

    Keep in mind, Please do not waste our time and we won't waste yours. We are a very tight-knit group and we like to remain together in a long haul.

    Message or Whisper us in-game. ٩(●̮̮̃•)۶

    Updated as on 9/21/2012 - We will update the information as if needed. We are keeping it short and simple for now :=)
    Still looking!
    Looking for more, Schedule updated!!
    Still looking for more!
    We are looking for Healer for our 10 M Raid group. Contact us if you are interested to join! :)
    Updated! Still looking for more! :o)
    Updated, LFM!!!
    Looking for a 370 Marksman Hunter?
    Yes we are, Chook. Contact us in-game I have added you to my Friend List.
    Shall do!
    Still looking for more! We need talented Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Restoration Druid and Tank class for our 10M Group!

    Still looking for reliable serious players to raid on 2 days per week! <3
    Still looking for reliable serious players to raid on 2 days per week! <3 Updated!
    Updated, LFM!
    Back to the top with ye!

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