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I was trying to check and see if it was possible to upgrade my weapons through the Valor Vendor in SW hopig to get a higher item level and better stats. What I found was disappointing no weapons avaliable for justice or valor. I find this frustrating as Raid progression is minimal on my server(Cairne) and its frustratinng to not be able to cause higher damage or dps as well as not having thecorrect stats formy weapons. There are comparable armour items sold by the same vendors ilevel 359 and higher. I found a linnk on the eu server that says much the same . Just wondering if there are any plans to add atleast a minor selection of weapons to these vendors, or if tose of us who have a harder tim in finding raids just going to have to suffer with a much lower weapon quality/damage level.
I appreciate any feedback as that would very helpful. Thank you in advace.
JP and VP will not reward weapons. Honor and Conquest do, but you must PvP to buy those. You can't transfer PvE points for them.

They want it this way.
You'll see new weapons in the three new Heroic dungeons in 4.3. Before that, the new Blacksmith-made weapons are about your only option if you don't want to raid. Aside from the 346 stuff, they haven't made a habit of putting weapon upgrades on the currency vendors.
low progress? 19 GUILDS 7/7 14 GUILDS ATLEAST 1/7H pshh you sir have no argument
I was unaware of the numbers and I do apoligize. My only point was that compared to other servers the frequeny of raids if you do not belong to a guild that raids regulary are low.
am i the only one that noticed the "used to purchase the most powerful pve armor AND WEAPONS." thats a quote from the description of jp and vp.

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