373 ilvl Paladin Tank LF Raiding Guild

373 ilvl Paladin Tank seeking a 10/25man raiding guild (A) or (H) to complete progression of 4.2 Firelands and prepare for progression into 4.3 Dragon Soul. 4.1 Raids cleared with Defender achv. Currently 6/7 norm FL cleared with 12% best on Ragnaros. Have 7/7 norm FL and Shannox HM achv on Mage.

Armory Link:

What can I bring to your guild:
• Good class knowledge as a Paladin tank with Retribution OS
• Ability to stay alive in tough situations with proper rotation of tanking CDs
• Good raid awareness of the fight surroundings and raiders movements
• Punctuality to raids or advance notice of non attendance
• Self preparation of flask and food for buffs
• Stable internet connection and PC with decent graphics & game speed

I currently live in Brisbane +10 AEST. I am open to any raid days, 3 or 4 times a week, weekdays or weekends. Times preferably between 7:30pm - 11:30pm (server) on weekdays and 5:00pm – 11:30pm (server) on weekends.

I also have a few Alts that may be useful to your guild for Alt raids.

Blood Deathknight – 373 ilvl

Arcane Mage – 374 ilvl

Restoration Druid – 369 ilvl (Previous Main Toon)

Past raid experience/ progression when content was current before Cata:
• 25 Naxx – 15/15
• 25 Ulduar – 12/14
• 25 ToC – 5/5
• 10 ToC HM – 5/5
• 25 ICC – 12/12
• 10 ICC HM – 11/12 with Drake achv
• VoA / Ony / EoE / OS / RS

If you like more information or to discuss anything further, please reply to this thread and I will respond promptly. Alternatively, send me an in-game mail or direct me to you guild website forum. Thank you

Note: Server / Faction transfer is an option for the right interested guild that takes their raiding seriously and has a clear plan for progression. Currently on Khaz’goroth US

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