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I meant to post this suggestion awhile ago and had forgotten about it. So thank you for posting this.

P.S. Should visual enchanting affects be added to other items (a shimmering affect on a cloak, or a feather/leaf affect on shoulders) I'd hope that there would be a way to toggle the display affect for each item or each enchant instead of just toggling ALL enchant affects on or off.
I'd love to be able to toggle off enchant visuals. Having an option to transmog an enchant would be pretty neat too. If I had to choose though, the toggle is a bigger priority IMO.
Is there any chance of us getting this before mop?
Wondering what the progress on this is. I recently started using Vengeful Gladiator's Shanker and Shard of Azzinoth on various transmog sets and right at the tip of the dagger is this stupid ball of glow effect. Extremely aggravating and completely ruins an amazing looking weapon.
Just got my legendary daggers, and they look like yellow glowsticks. Nobody can even tell they are legendary

Seriously blizzard?
I know this is a little old. But I believe the best option for both the new enchants and the old weapon styling is that blizzard make weapon enchants only appear when activated. Then they could go crazy with how the weapon looked from the enchantment and we could all look nice and pretty when standing around.
I would also like to see the ability to toggle the visibility of weapon enchants. I just got the Maw of Oblivion set and I can hardly make out the weapon detail thanks to Landslide obscuring it. I raid, so I can't exactly forsake the enchant for the sake of aesthetics, but it'd sure be nice to turn off the visuals.
So I finally got a transmog set together that, in the dressing room, looked really great. White and gold with the "priest-symbol" design staff. I go to the transmogrifier all excited, and when I complete the transmogrification the whole set I worked for looks like garbage because of a wad of purple and orange fire floating above my left shoulder. Really very disappointing.

1) Don't tell me not to enchant my weapons, I'm a serious raider and that's absurd.
2) Don't tell me to turn my graphics down, I should NOT have to sacrifice graphics for this issue.

Someone in trade chat said I should match my set to the enchant. LMAO really?
I am about to get my Ruthless daggers... I love the way they look, but I've seen first-hand exactly what Landslide does to then, and it certainly isn't justice. I might have to keep my Core Hound Tooth dagger mogged over them, because enchant effects tend to not be as strong on them.

I do have a suggestion for those with the staff artwork vs. Power Torrent dilemma. There's a really pretty staff: Brutal Gladiator's Staff

It only costs 350 honor, too, which is pretty awesome.

I have that mogged over my Shadow Priest's Vicious staff (she needs a serious upgrade !), and no ugly power torrent effects whatsoever !

Wrathful tier also has similar staves, but I'm not sure about them. I just know this staff is awesome and overwrites Power Torrent. Might be something for you staff users to consider.
I think the real problem here is that, while enchants for raiding and serious PVP are fairly mandatory, just as having decent gear is, the decent gear can now be changed to match a specific set. As in, it all looks like it's designed to fit together aesthetically (if you want it to). Some people chose not to, but many did, myself included.

The problem with weapon chants is are also a necessity, but unlike the armor, they lack the ability to be changed or toggled off.

Not having a weapon enchanted is generally not acceptable for any raider or PvPer. Casual PVP is a bit more lenient if someone just does random BGs, but for arenas and raiding, weapon enchants are a must-have. And thus, you are forcing your entire playerbase (all caster DPS must use power torrent, for instance) to adhere to one specific enchant look. All Melee DPS must use landslide, all spell DPS must use power torrent, etc etc.

A choice would be nice to hide it if it really clashes with our set's aesthetic look. Like how Power Torrent absolutely destroys the otherwise perfectly blue set I have going on.
Here's how I get around this issue. I just won't enchant my weapons till this feature is added. Hell I wouldn't mind paying gold as long as it got rid of the enchant completely aesthetically.
01/26/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Brennvin
As many of you may or may not know, weapon enchants have been a feature of World of Warcraft since the beginning. Providing iconic and recognizable looks to various enchants is something that’s added an element of uniqueness to the game and to your character. However, we do understand they can sometimes overpower the aesthetics of the awesome weapons you can obtain in game now. It’s certainly something we have discussed with the developers recently and we’ll be looking into potentially allowing an enchant toggle. If and when such a feature is introduced, we’ll be sure to let the community know as soon as possible.

01/26/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Brennvin
soon as possible.

01/26/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Brennvin
Why are we still waiting on this? My daggers, even thought they're Stage 1 still, look like absolute junk with Landslide ruining their graphics. I paid 10k for awesome daggers, let me look at the darn things.
This needs to happen. Power torrent and DK rune enchants completely ruin and overpower transmog weapons
If this is implemented. It needs to be like hiding your helmet/cape. It shouldn't be a option to stop you from seeing everyone's enchants, but from anyone seeing yours.
Enchants on daggers are the worst as far as graphics are concerned, they completely hide the entire weapon unless your daggers are the size of small swords that drop in ZA/ZG.
What is needed is 2 toggles...

1. Enchant on - Enchant off.
2. A slider bar to adjust the particle density (Intensity) of the enchants only. this would be a different bar to the regular spell particle density slider and both would not affect the other.

its as simple as that

Also an enchant effect transmog would be pretty nice. i would love to have landslide stats with mongoose detail for example... But i would be happy with the 2 options at the top.
I agree with this thread.

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