Blackrock Alliance needs serious help!!!!!!!!

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Bump for kung fu pandas next xpac?
Just transfer off, reroll or quit. No point in posting nonsense here when clearly all Blizzard has to do is merge servers to balance it out..
bump bump bump bump. 99 problems but a ----- aint 1
"I don't think we even have 1 gladiator left on alliance." what?????..... really? u must not be from blackrock alliance we have few gladiators but thats about it everyone else is bad at pvp...
I submitted a question regarding this into the Developer Q&A earlier today, and sadly it wasn't answered. With all the renewed focus on World PvP in the upcoming expansion, you would hope that they'd have something in the works to address faction imbalances. There won't be many epic battles for us Horde if the Alliance continue to pack up shop and head over to Frostmourne. While I agree that forum threads probably won't make f-all difference, I applaud you for caring enough to at least try.
BUMP NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. I really hope I win that core hound IPAD contest
Little to no successful raids? Pretty sure not only my guild but atleast one other do 6/7 heroic clears each week.

All Alliance has lost is the people who carried the downer pugs through content. If people want to raid there are still guilds on Alliance that raid, the reamining people on Alliance are either just to !@#$ to join them or don't care.

Just stick to farming your welfare PvP epics. But seriously, not trolling or anything, if you don't like BR Alliance just do what the rest have done and move to Frostmourne.

Well baby gnome, you must have not been on Blackrock alliance from 2004-2008ish to make that sort of claim. A lot of great and populated alliance guilds are long gone. Just because your guild and one other can clear 6/7hm post nerfs doesn't make a) you good, and b) the state of alliance good. Pre-WotLK Alliance was very very healthy, probably close to a 50/50 split, how many remember just half these guilds?

Elementium (Mithril before that)
Eleventh Hour
Fallen Chapter
The Dark Ministry
Valor Grande
Six Pack
Southern Cross
Eternal Requiem
Raspberry Heaven
Nex Imperium
Libertas Integritas

And probably many many more. These are all the guilds I could think of pre-WotLK that were all pretty active guilds BR alliance.

/point Laquisha

Hi =) And major blast-from-the-past reading that list. Many good, strong guilds from years past. All gone / disbanded / merged / collapsed / transferred / fell apart in times past. Most people left on Blackrock Alliance probably havent even heard of many of them now, nor know that Blackrock was the best place to be - in years past - because of many of those great guilds and the players who were in them. And most of those players , like the guilds themselves, have all quit or moved on/trasnferred by now as well.
I remember six pack, fallen chapter, Prodigy.....No MAAM is still active

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