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is it worth it to spend the honor on the lvl 60 Epic PVP gear for the 60-70 grind.. or will it be a waste of good honor i could be saving?
It is very much worth it, and so is the 70 gear. The only gear that isn't worth it is the level 80 gear because it costs too much honor.
I completely agree with Parithimas. The level 60 and 70 PvP gear sets are likely to be much better than anything else you'll find from 60-69 and 70-79. Not only does level 80 PvP gear cost a lot of honour, it is almost instantly made obsolete by Cataclysmic quest rewards.

Edit: I like your Blood Knight set, Parithimas :)
Yeah totally worth it for level 60 and level 70 sets. The only exception is some hybrid specs for level 60. You'll be fine on your warrior though OP.
appreciate all the feedback, had trouble quickly finding my own thread O_o lol- yeah the gear def looks on point. Plus PvP is hella fun.
Totally go for it. The only time I replaced any pieces were for socketed gear from dungeons, which I plugged full of stamina gems to survive a little longer in bgs.
What level 60 hunter set should I get, Warlord's Pursuit or some other one? I like warlord's the best...
how much is the whole 60 pvp set with a 2h and a bow

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