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People have been asking for this for so long. Its really annoying having to get friends to help you use the neutral Ah to transfer things from one toon to another. especially with the problem of others being able to buy your stuff seeing as how I just lost quite a few items meant for transferring :/ is Blizzard working on this or just ignoring it?
Read the Lore. Alliance and Horde are not supposed to be outfitting each other with armor. There would never be a need to transfer items.

Plus, no need to lose items.

You have two toons, one horde, one alliance. Lets say horde has some armor and gold, but alliance friend's toon doesn't. You do need a friend to assist in buying if you only have one account.

1. Alliance toon puts some low value item on the AH for alot of gold
2. Horde toon buys it.
3. Alliance toon picks up lots of gold.
4. Horde toon puts armor on the AH for a reasonable amount of gold.
5. Alliance toon buys it (see? no sniping)

people lose goods because they are being cheap and trying to save the AH fee so they put the item on the AH for a super low amount. Players like me with Remote AH can sit watching TV while scanning the AH and snipe your goods. We make a fortune that way.

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