Looking to recruit for Uber knights

I'm posting on the forums too help recruiting for Uber Knights=)
We'll be starting to raid soon enough. Raid times will be 10:15pm-1:30am EST. There's also a few level 70 twinks in the guild so if your into anything like that your welcome to join. we have many types of gems and a JC that can cut most gems for those people. My friends Mains have gone through 4/7 heroic on his main character so he's very experienced with cataclysm and decided he'd like to do some more raiding. He's using an alt of his a paladin on Dalaran to do so with starting this guild=). We will have a cauldron and feasts to raid with. If you have any questions PST Raymendous or Galvatorex in-game Also can mail. OR check out our website at http://uberknights.guildlaunch.com/ We're accepting anyone level 30+. We've got vent too!

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