[H] Afterlife 6/7HC P3 Heroic Rag LFM

Hey all, gonna keep this fairly short and simple...We're looking for 1 excellent DPS who is looking to get knee deep in Heroic Rag ;). Would prefer an awesome demo lock/mage/spriest with 90%+ attendance and current HM experience.

Raid Days:
Tues, Thurs, Sunday 7-11 server

Send a tell to either myself or Spiritscar in game for more info.


=) bumpy
Bump! Still looking for 1 consistent(i.e. 90%+ raid attendance and showing up on time) DPS for a main raid spot! Mage, Lock, Spriest, Boomkin preferred but not required!
bump still looking for any exceptional player looking to push horde first heroic rag =)

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