Shadow priest stats

Im geared in decent ammount of heroic gear. Which stat should i be going for, i see top geared shadow preists trying new top stats to see which works best. but i cant decide if i should swap or stay with what im stacking atm.

Self buffed in shadow form.
8820SP(im using 1 int trinket atm)
hit cap

Main upgrade im going for now is the heroic trinket from Baleroc, Which i will drop 1.28%crit, 1.25haste. But will gain the 456sp and close to 7k mana.

Some shadow priests say they aim for about 15% crit unbuffed and 12/13mastery.

This week i will be trying to drop haste to 30% even and raise my mastery up and drop crit by half a percent.
In BH25 i normally output 35-37k dps, that is with DI/FM.
First off, you're above the hit cap. The extra 16 points aren't doing nothing for you, and that's why some people prefer to be below hit cap than above it. Also, your reforging is a bit off. You should never reforge out of haste. Your aim with reforging should be to have the most haste possible, and secondly to reach as close to the hit cap (17%) without being over it.

Edit: I completely overlooked your spec, and glyphs. Odd you chose the glyph of psychic horror when you don't even have the spell, lol. You ought to change that. I'd replace it with glyph of spirit tap. Another thing that's buggin me is that you picked the shadowfiend glyph. I honestly can't recall the last time my shadowfiend died while raiding. I guess It can come in handy for PvP, but useless for PvE. Pick up the fading glyph. I fade quite a lot in raids, and the mana reduction helps. Rather than waiting for the tank to grab aggro I use fade, and unload on the enemy.

I noticed you've the neglected mental agility talent, and chosen Improved power word: shield over it. Are you having mana issues? Sure, we've got dispersion and masochism but doing either is a dps loss. Honestly, your better off without it. If you're taking heavy damage pop dispersion. Power word: shield cost too much, and especially without the mental agility talent.
I never have to fade in raid, unles i open aoe to quickly, our tanks are damn good at threat. i only have mana issues on Rhyloth because of all the dots and aoe going out, but i never have to disperse for mana in raids.
And the extra 16points in hit doesnt matter that much that i would reforge everything just to get them back.
Maybe I am wrong but as of right now I am noticing the more mastery I have the higher my dps increases substantially. I know we need haste but at what point do we stop with mastery and go straight to haste. I.E. if we reforge gear i am assuming to reforge out of crit to get more mastery and haste. Being below hit rating is also very bad advice missing a single spell like say mind blast misses and you drop your buff it hurts your dps a ridiculous amount. I like to tend to stay just over 17% as close as i can get. This usually takes a lot of experimenting with reforging but after a while you learn how much hit rating you can afford to lose.

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