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I'm experiencing a problem that had gone away for about four months, inexplicably, and is back now. If I attempt to play World of Warcraft (actually in-game), my computer will turn off. It could turn off in five second, five minutes, twenty minutes - but it WILL turn off.

The system goes dark, as if the power cord was physically pulled out. About three second later, it turns itself back on and boots up as if everything was fine (though Windows does realize it was shut down unexpectedly and offers Safe Mode).

The only error in Event Viewer is that the 'previous system shutdown was unexpected'.

Here's what I've done:

Memtest86 clear
Stressprime clear
Furmark clear
system temperature values all fine, nothing close to 50c
malware scans clear
msee scans clear
plenty of open HDD space
no addons of any kind
multiple builds of nVidia driver
no other programs open
opengl mode
sfc /scannow
WoW repair tool
deleting WTF/Interface
reinstalling WoW
replacing video card (went from GTX 285 to 580)

I'm so exhausted. This problem is really stumping me. I tried tickets in the past, but after submitting dxdiag and other system info logs, the ticket response I got was, I kid you not, "You should buy a new computer."

Edit: Wo-woah! Wait a sec. Now Furmark is causing an instant shutdown. Neat. Progress! Thinking bad PSU rail? We'll try replacing that and see where it gets us.

Edit Two: Seems to be running great with the fresh PSU. Kill the post. :)

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