Competitive RBG crew for Season 12?

Trying to gauge interest in a more competitive RBG crew for next season. Planned playtimes will be around 10-12 server and nights would be determined based on what would work best for everyone. Ideally would be looking for 2k+ experience in RBGs and/or Arenas. If you're interested please post in this thread and/or send me an in-game mail. Cheers,

I'll come on my rogue. I could also FC on my warrior.
I may be interested if there's room for a DK, i just recently came back from a break from wow and I'm looking at starting pvping again. i do have 2k+ experience as well and hoping to push for 2.2k in future season once i get my gear up to par again.
Hit me up if you need a hpally 2300 in 3's last season and 2075 rbgs last season.
In on this

Can heal or shadow, should have balance/resto druid up in the next week or two also, so whatevers needed.
This thread definitely wasn't posted in October 2011
2.1k 3s xp / 2k rbg xp arms warrior interested.
2200 hunter (in arenas) around 1900 in rbgs, may be able to go
2400+ MMR/Arena prot/arms warr sup how you doing?

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