The 'popularity' of the Molten Front dailies

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10/24/2011 09:36 PMPosted by Oakshado
wiggle-walk wiggle-walk wiggle-walk JUMP! Absorb absorb absorb, aaaaaaaaaall gone!

That was... PAINFULLY adorable!
10/24/2011 10:01 PMPosted by Foiblesqt
The Molten Front dailies were a frustrating, boring grindfest

You don't speak for everyone, I liked MF a lot more than Tol Barad.
Please note the context.
from my own perspective (and from anecdotal conversations with fellow players) ... The Molten Front dailies were a frustrating, boring grindfest
I actually enjoyed them... They felt like questing, where I was part of an ongoing storyline, not just on grind repeat.

There were a lot of quests with changing elements, be it the actual landscape in Firelands or npc friends from the past. The quests were also varied, so every day I dodn't have to do the same thing, and with the different parts open I could still progress decently without doing every single daily.

I also liked all the achievements and the min-boss type fights. The rewards were good (ilvl) and fun (mount/pets), and the max level content was solo-able! :)

(Of course, new zones and quests are better than dalies, but these are my favorite dailies.)
The MF dailies were fun. Up to when you unlocked both the factions. The vendor quests just felt like more of the same. Maybe if it wasn't a month long thing just to get through one phase of the story...
They're eh'. Definitely not worth the wait. 4.3 better be an explosion of new content, or this will cement this expansion into the 'worst ever' category even further.
enjoyable? Yeah blizzard you wish. There was a reason why i didnt do anything reguarding the hodir but turn in 1,600 tokens to get to exalted. Why you ask? Because REQUIRING me to log in everyday and do my "dailys" sucks.

People may say i never had too but if I didnt, my spot on my raid group would be taken over by someone who is.
I took that month off from doing heroics which had become painfully grindy to do. I also was able to do the dailies later at night to avoid the ninja and lack of spawn issue. I found them relaxing because I didn't have to wait in long queues and deal with horrid people. I could do these at my own pace and eventually get some nice rewards.

I would definitely like to see improvements to these quests like increasing the story pace and adding more variety at each arc. Being forced to do the same entry quests then being forced to do the escort each time to unlock the final druid area sucked. I was expecting to see a lot more choice in which quests we could do each day. I was also expecting more advancement into enemy territory and holding it, reinforcing that, then pushing farther instead of a repeat escort quest where we gain and then lose every day. I think the idea is solid they just needed to implement it better.
The Molten Front was by far the best daily quest hub. The only problem is that it was a daily quest hub, and no one likes dailies.

The Argent Tournament on the other hand was teeth-grindingly awful. Maybe it's because of my hatred of vehicles and the "vehicle expansion" WotLK in general, but at least if I'm going to be killing things I want to do it with my actually character that I worked hard to gear up, rather than some dumb horse.
There was not enough reward for the time investment.

Also, on a class like the hunter, I found that the epic stuff I was getting was replacing epic stuff I already had. So, I only had epics from soloing but I was still only replacing a few of those same slots.

This peeved me. I wish Blizzard had done more research and then said, "Hey, this class never had access to an epic helm or shoulders (from soloing,questing, rep vendrors, or purchasing on the AH)" and tossed those on the firelands vendors.


They also did not give you any reason to keep doing them once you are
"done." The marks were a real good idea, but then you get all the vendors open and don't have a reason for getting more marks. That is kind of dumb.

A better idea would be to give us those missing epic items, we cant' get from other solo content/vendors/the ah. Let us buy an epic helm, shoulders, etc for like 250 marks each.
I was enjoying MF on my main up until the vendors; once I got the first one unlocked, getting the last two has felt like work (and it didn't help that I stupidly unlocked the one I didn't mean to last night). And of course, each of them has one thing that's the best item of its kind you can get without raiding so I have to unlock them all. Five more days, I keep telling myself. But I dread going back in. More different quests when you hit that point would make it a lot more tolerable. At least the end is in sight finally.

On the positive side, I did finally manage to do Into the Fire last night without getting killed for the first time. That should be an achievement. The WoWhead comments about that quest are a forest of QQ.
The amount of tokens you needed to unlock each stage were a little steep, and I think they should have spread the rewards out more evenly (instead of a few at the beginning and a bunch at the end and nothing in between), but overall, I still view MF as by far the most fun daily hub in the game's history. Vastly superior to the soul-destroying Argent Tournament.

Hell, the druids of the talon dailies have got to some of the most unique and fun quests in the game. I loved those, and I really hope we can continue seeing such interesting quest design in the future.
I still haven't unlocked the last two vendors and get the gryphon mount.

I'm ashamed of myself.

But I got lazy after unlocking the first vendor...

10/24/2011 10:46 AMPosted by Alitari
The Molten Front dailies were a frustrating, boring grindfest

This basically. I finished them all on 3 of my 6 lvl 85's, but I lack the will or energy to finish up the last 3 toons. So monotonous.
i gave up after 2 weeks. boring and dumb. but thats how i look at any daily quest...
10/24/2011 10:46 AMPosted by Alitari
The Molten Front dailies were a frustrating, boring grindfest ...

I enjoyed them. I only haven't done them lately because I'm not really hurting for gold. I really should though, because I still need a pet (gotta catch 'em all!).

But they weren't boring. The druid dailies were admittedly frustrating though... until I figured out I'd been doing it wrong.

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