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Thread nearing cap. New one opening at

So the old thread seems to have capped itself while I was asleep. So I am going to get a second part started. Some good discussion, in between the trolls and rage. Let's keep it civil, constructive and calm if we can.

The OP:

So, from several threads on various forums, I think that anyone who wasn't there knows the score pretty much.

Basically, Samwise of the famous band which plays at Blizzcon (which is not only vocally pro Horde but also severely anti Alliance) played a video in which a celebrity (introduced as an 'unofficial spokesman') went on a rant in which he called Alliance players whiny and emo, called them a number of homophobic slurs and said that they should die IRL - I don't want to repost the exact stuff here...but it was utterly insane.

Yes - you heard me. A senior Blizzard representitive endorsed a video saying that the players of a faction should die.

Sure, as Bashiok said it was framed as a 'joke' (he actually said he found it personally funny). And as Zarhym said, a lot of people are being silly about this.


There have been many threads made on these forums and others about the treatment of Alliance players at Blizzcon (and to a lesser extent, in general). We've had individuals booed and jeered at publically, simply for being alliance. There have been reports of people getting insulted, taunted, spat at and even physically assaulted for wearing an Alliance shirt. When does it stop being a joke?

In fact, this year I recall more than one thread basically telling Alliance players to go to Blizzcon at risk of not enjoying it, being alienated or ridiculed at best. I don't think I've ever seen a Horde player subjected to anything like this.

We are encouraged to invest ourselves in our characters - and by extension, in our faction. And it gets hard to enjoy it when faction pride becomes anti-faction hatred, especially when it is expressed/endorsed by a Blizzard employee.

Fact is - when you have this kind of stuff going on, it stops just being a game. Take a look at football (soccer, if you live stateside) and how serious some of the rivalries in a game can get when allowed to get out of control.

So - what do you think? Was Samwise out of line? If so - how can the situation be repaired?

Let's keep this civil if we can.

Edited: For clarity and to avoid being inflammatory.

EDIT 2 - some good responses from both sides of the table...and a lot of people being obnoxious. Let's keep this clean and civil if possible. And please, please keep "Free Speech" as far away from this issue as you can.

EDIT 3 - A lot of people seem to be justifying things with "Oh, the guy plays Death Metal". The issue isn't as much what was said, it was that it was basically endorsed by Samwise and how this kind of attitude is both unprofessional and unconducive to any faction pride the Alliance are trying to build.

EDIT 4 - I was not aware that Samwise also came up with a lot of the art for Alliance. I wonder if I can blame female worgen and male humans on him too :)

EDIT 5 - If possible, can people suggest solutions, both to the damage this has potentially done to any efforts to 'build alliance spirit' and the Blizzard rep endorsement of the video? Will an apology solve it?

EDIT 6 - Off to bed for now, thanks to those of you (on either side of the issue) that have made an effort to be constructive. Other people here...depress me. I am wondering if it's time for a 3rd faction...

Basically, in summary:

- I am not an Alliance player or Horde player. I have raided on both and have toons on both. I enjoy the game.

- However, Alliance players have felt put upon for a while now and Blizzard have even actually admitted that they have been too Horde biased recently and that Alliance spirit is in need of repair.

- Blizzcon is well known as being a severe example of this, with Blizzard reps being almost unanimously Horde favoured.

- Blizzcon is also well known for people's sometimes severe attitude to Alliance players. Many threads have been made about Alliance players feeling uncomfortable - at even threatened.

- There have been many reports of disgusting behaviour by Horde players towards Alliance players IRL at Blizzcon. From people being booed and jeered at in crowds, to kids getting shoved around or spat at, to people actually getting beaten up for wearing Alliance shirts.

- This year the closing concert involved a video endorsed by Samwise, one of the Blizzard higher ups who is almost militiristically pro-Horde (joking or otherwise). The video was of an old interview with a semi-famous Metal singer.

- Said singer went on an expletive and slur laden rant against the Alliance, and the people that play them. Whether he went as far as advocating violence is debateable, but it could definately have been interpreted this way.

- Blizzard has stated that it was intended as a joke and that while they are sorry that people were offended, that people are silly for being offended by it.

- There have already been two reports of actual violence stemming out of this. One involves an incident where someone's wife was mauled after the concert. EDIT: Here

- I am all for Faction Pride. I don't like faction hate - when it begins to actually extend to the people who play said faction. I especially don't like it when this viewpoint is promoted and endoresed by an actual Blizzard employee.
- Reserved spot for any relevant quotes.
inc deletion, blizzard needs to hide the truth
Write a letter.

Forums are a great place to throw out suggestions, ideas, gripe, complain etc. However, they are unlikely to get you much more than thumbs up, thumbs down, and a lot of trolling.

There seems to be a lot of threads about a video that was shown at Blizzcon. My suggestion is if you have a concern with this you will get better results by drafting a letter. An email would be okay, but an actual typed out letter would more likely get your voice heard to the people who you want to hear it.

As Blizzard is a relatively large company, it would also be best to find out which department to send it to. A search on the web or a phone call to headquarters should get you on the right track. You can also send copies of the letters to individuals you wish to read it.

I hope my suggestion helps people get the closure they're hoping for on present and future issues.
The company seems to be ignoring that this is an issue, hoping that it will go away and we'll stop "whining".
10/24/2011 04:57 PMPosted by Pheezle
Basically, Samwise of the famous band which plays at Blizzcon

I can honestly say that I've never heard of that guy.

Must not be too famous.

We've had individuals booed and jeered at publically, simply for being alliance.

I heard about that happening Des Moines, Iowa. If I recall, the mayor issued a public apology after telling the police to stand down.
10/24/2011 05:01 PMPosted by Brélm
Between all the homosexual threads and all the alliance threads, I have seriously never hated the forum community more than I do right now. Every other thread is someone complaining about something, mostly it's people that feel like they have to post over every little trivial thing because they were "offended".

You know the funny thing - I'm usually one of those people posting to tell people to calm the hell down or quietly poking fun at a silly topic.

This time however - it's crossed a line and the offense taken is anything but silly. I don't think we will see more than Bashiok's 'oh sorry you were offended it was just a joke'.

Fact is - if any of us said something close to what was expressed in the video, we'd be staring down the barrel of a permaban.

If a friend of a Blizzard Employee, who happens to be in the 'Blizzard Band' and who also happens to be almost militiristically pro-Horde says it, well he gets official endorsement at Blizzcon.
sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me
It sounds like to me somone got ganked 1 too many times in hellfire...
jk, i dont care for the game that much to go to the convention but by the sounds of it, im glad i dident
i have alliance toons and horde toons, and when people go far enough to physically assault you for clothing, to me tells me that they play this game soo much they dont have a real connection to the outside world, or enough of a connection to know that the people on alliance arnt just Alliance.. but people.
i've camped horde AND alliance... /huged horde AND alliance, but when im bored looking for some fights in hellfire or hyjal i dont kill them just because they are on the other team.. but ill fly down next to them, depending on weather they /wave to me or /spit on me ill choose what to do...
lol im typeing to much.. this is my opinion.
10/24/2011 04:53 PMPosted by Halcyón
- Reserved spot for any relevant quotes.

you may find it sad and ect. but that stuff happens on horde side all the time, they do it to each other.

its just like a family even tho you've overcome your obstacles they;'re stil gonna dog you cause truth is they don't like you.

we pay for it in rbgs, raids, ect its an on going problem. when i log on alliance side people are so nice and kidn most of the time. i feel as if something is wrong.

and reason why you saw someone str8 out mocking alliance as a whole. over the years i've seen some pretty low blows on alliance side and they talk about orcs as if they are mud.

also, why it is now humans have a better racial for pvp so i can see why you guys are getting hated on. its clearly op to whine about orc racials all these years and we used to have a healing debuff so basicly we'd do a lil more damage and die. lol but now u guys can stack trinkets.

as far as real world hate well thats everywhere. i'm sure the company doesn't promote that sort of thing but.

truth is the world is cruel and doesn't care.

another truth is alliance thinks they are all intelligent and whatnot. this si the one time you guys got served with your own meds publicly.

Thats exactly how strongly we feel about alliance always having 4 heals to 1 dps in bg.

sticks and stones may break my bones but words will hurt me forever

Fixed ;)
10/24/2011 05:14 PMPosted by Whyvette
sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

That is the single biggest lie your parents have ever told you.

Now onto the topic at hand...

To be quite blunt here, Blizzard still hasn't apologized for Cataclysm. It's highly unlikely they will apologize over this incident either. I don't know why this is, but this company seems to be very stubborn and offending a goodly sized segment of their playerbase (Alliance players) is just part of what they do.

Also, to be quite blunt, Blizzard not doing anything about it or people getting booed, harassed, etc, amount to little more than bullying. Do you really want bullying?

...Santa, Easter bunny, Jesus....
But seriously you can never stop people from saying things its you who gives those words power.

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