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Hello everyone, I'll try to keep this brief and to the point.

A few days ago during the WOW open Q&A at Blizzcon I asked a question about LGBT character representation in Blizzard properties. This created a bit of a controversy and I decided to post my thoughts on the matter at The result of these actions were both expected and unexpected.

One action I did not expect was the support I have recieved from my fellow gamers. I have recieved numerous in game tells and in game mail from players who have thanked me for bringing up this question, as they feel it was a direly needed one. I have tried to whisper each and every one of these people across multiple servers to say thank you, but I could not reach some of them. Therefore I would just like to say here on the WOW forums, thank you for your support.

Another action I did not expect was the coverage the question generated on the web. I have found several mentions about my question around the internet including a thread on and blog posts on Again I would like to thank those bloggers and forum posters who took to discussing this question.

Although I did expect the backlash that I witnessed on these forums, it was also suprising to see how many people who disagreed with me kept the discussion civil. To these people I would again like to thank you for discussing the topic in an appropriate manner.

And of course, I would like to again thank Chris Metzen for his answer to my question, and Blizzard for making the industries best games. I'll be playing your games for years to come!
It's amazing how a simple question can promote such an uproar. Still, I think it was cool that you got up and asked. What wasn't cool was SOME of the discussion going on in the threads about this.
You do realize there are some pretty blatantly lesbian characters in the game, right? Kinelory and Quae, the SW Jewelcrafting Daily giver, I think there might be some others. I'd love to see a major lore character though. Maybe Jaina's had enough of her bad luck with men. ;)
Maybe men have had enough of there bad luck with Jaina.


You don't just happen to date men who randomly go insane and try to bring about the end of the world.

That lady is cursed.
I'm waiting for the topic about the Blizzcon Heterosexual guy thanking people for the response to his question.
10/25/2011 07:17 PMPosted by Boomshack
you made this post already why did you feel the need to make it again?

Cuz I... didn't make it before?
I feel bad you're about to get trolled back to the stone age for this, but I'll just say that I think your question was a legitimate one and completely undeserving of the vitriol it generated.

While I'm not sure the game necessarily needs openly LGBTQ characters (for the simple reason that even heterosexual relationships don't tend to make a huge impact on the game, the recent Thrall chain notwithstanding), I would support their addition if Blizzard made that decision, as I will always support representation of diversity in the media.

As long as they didn't make said character some horrid stereotype, that is.
There's a lesbian Night Elf in Dragonblight. If she's not a lesbian then I'm not sure how obvious you have to make it. Should they yell out in General chat "I'M A LESBIAN HEAR ME ROAR" every five minutes? Would that be enough?
Seriously? People are giving her a hard time because she made a polite post of thanks? /facepalm
Would you want them to just force a glbt character into the game? It would just be kind of awkward and honestly would just feel like a token representative.

If for some reason it came about in the natural progression of the storytelling that is one thing but it is only in a handful of situations that has happened in WoW. The Aggra/Thrall relationship feels forced and somewhat odd even after reading the books.

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