Bug Report
Will Blizzard ever fix this spell. It works whenever it feels like it. Sometimes it works. Others it will show the animation but not actually work. Other times it will go off and not knock anyone back. Seriously how can this not knock someone back when it is a giant wall of water. I've also had it trigger a gcd and do nothing.

The buggyness of the spell really hurts Balance Druids in both pve and pvp although it seems more noticable in pvp.
I'm noticing that this is still happening. I don't PvP, but I DO PvE & I use this spell to knock back melee so I can reroot them & not get hit. The CD always triggers, but about half the time absolutely NOTHING happens. If it DOES work (knock back the target), then about half the time it doesn't daze them & they run back to me twice as fast.

It happens quite a bit on the tigers in Krasarang Wilds. It also happened with the mushan in Vo4W. The one thing these two mobs have in common is a type of "rushing" combat art (the tigers pounce & the mushan just kind of rushed up & slammed). Any mob with this type of attack seems to be able to just ignore my typhoon whenever they feel like it (just to clarify as well, I am NOT seeing any combat message that the mob dodged or evaded the spell or that I missed, it just simply does not work). Not sure if that information can help track down the problem & get it fixed or not.

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