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Death Knight
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11/03/2011 09:57 AMPosted by Nemesis

I give it a 6/10. Not fond of word type names. I like mah RP!

8/10 sounds cool for a blood elf but it's a lil' too long.

4/10 - sounds a little too 'vanilla'. :p
3/10 no stormrunes in dk history
2/10 not a worgan or in a star wars game.
Not bad. 7/10

Seems a bit short, what does it stand for?
11/03/2011 12:51 PMPosted by Vorch
2/10 not a worgan or in a star wars game.

@vorch read first page before judging

8/10 cool
Starwolfy: So ironic it's acceptable. 6/10.
I feel as if you will be wherever I look, Ubiquitary. I turn around and your blazing blue eyes are gonna be there, staring into my soul. 8/10. Suitable word.
It fits for the orc race i suppose, i dont like it....however i would still give you 7/10 for originality
too many accented letters I would love it if there were no accents but what are ya gonna do when your first choice for a name was taken.
Agility Weapon MH when you have Cleaver? Why?
ah I can explain that I have 2 cleavers it just hasnt changed since I last logged in I like playing around with transmog sets so half the time Ill be logging out with incorrect gear that shows up on the armory
7/10... Don't really know if it means anything. Perhaps it was randomized?
Sytherr, reminds me of Sylar from Heroes. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.


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