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Death Knight
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^ Azwhole spelled wrong but is lol sauce 7/10
Murdos; reminds me of Murder which a Death Knight is surely very guilty of. Good simple. Despite me not liking names which are altered nouns-to-name-format, this one is an exception. 8/10.

Named "Hamlet" because in the end - everyone dies.
At least you didn't name yourself "Fairverona". gotta give mad props to my homie Shakespeare, May he rest in pieces yo. (okay and I'm done with that) I'm gonna say 8/10, because that is a very nice little name, as well as I LOVE the "because in the end - everyone dies"

And my name...well...Final Fantasy 8 Villain, the big baddy. Sorceress, would have been much more fitting for a Blood Elf, but I am alliance :P And I mis-spelled on creation T_T
Misspelled. But I still love that sorceress. :>
Definitely fitting:)
I am Malgaroth !
Sounds orcish and dark. 10/10
Reminds me of an Empire guy I used to pvp against in SWG before it went to crap... 8/10
^7.5/10 Fun to say.
I like names that are obscure words. 8/10
5/10. Sounds like a kid's name.
hullo. :3
posting 6/10
You may have killed me 100,000 times, mortals, but I have returned.

I am shorter and stronger than ever.
11/02/2011 08:25 PMPosted by Seriousness

Hi seriousness its meh Desu :].
7/10 its simple.
Reminds me of the Dwarf joke!


6/10 (since your not a dwarf)

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