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Death Knight
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You lost a point because I'm jealous you got that name.
8/10...sweet name
8/10, love the Poof, should have been a Dwarf though.

PS, I'm a Blood DK...

Like what the name can relate to, whole name rolls well but there are a few too many syllables, shortening it becomes Men which doesn't always lead into a new word well.
3/10 for having "knight" at the end.
Tauren + Death Knight = Naturally a beast.

Also jealous that you got that name and not me. 9.5/10.
I like your name. Hamlet dies in battle as a king fighting among his men so the fact that your a death knight is perfect :) 9/10
lol @ Hellzangel 0/10, cliche as all can be
7/10 not a big fan of the double c at the end
7/10. matches an orc pretty well.
8/10 ^_^
8/10 I like the use of umlauts.
6/10, Short and simple, but not a fan of special characters in names.
8/10 short n sweet
shouldn't you be a gnome?
or a shaman?
or a mouse, or something?


For the name: 5/10

For the cleavage: 11/10
@Osteoporosis: 6/10

Only because you don't have DK, knight, death, or some variant of those in your name.

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