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UI and Macro
I just recently installed Vuhdo and managed to get it all set up nice. However, I've noticed a few problems.

First, I went into some heroics and it didn't show the tank under the Main Tanks panel. I had the profile set to my 5 man, and everything looked normal. No clue why the main tank wasn't working.

Secondly, I entered BWD tonight and all my Spell bindings were replaced/reset. Left click was Target, right click was Set Focus, middle click was Power Word: Shield for whatever reason... I had the correct profile on, the Spells were what they were supposed to be... I had to completely quit the game and re-log on for the spells to come back. Very annoying.

Thirdly, how do I reset Vuhdo to show the new main tanks? Sometimes our paladin switches from heals to tanks and I'd like him to be taken away from the Main Tanks panel if he's healing. /reload ui doesn't work, and I couldn't find a reset macro. /reset vd, /reset vuhdo didn't work.

It will also randomly flash at me (I have "flash bar for incoming damage" turned off..), and my Special Dot - which is the role action - will occassionally disappear.

Finally, and the most important thing, I've noticed that I can't turn my character with my mouse ever since I installed Vuhdo. My middle mouse button keybind, set to autorun, does not work. I can't right click to turn my character and I can't left click to turn the camera. Sometimes jumping around does the trick and "unlocks" whatever the problem is, but its overall VERY annoying.

So all in all, I really like Vuhdo, but it seems so ridiculously buggy for me. I can't figure out how to use it comfortably.
I managed to fix my mouse turning problem. Turns out I have to delete all the other panels when I'm not using them, which is fine.
If for whatever reason tank doesn't ever show up in main tank window, type menu into any of the mouse button assignments in Options-Spells-Mouse, then click with that button over the tank. It should pop a menu and just select MT on it.

The spells switching thing. I don't know whether you have or have not used key profile tool under Options-Tools-Key Profiling. If you have it's set to switch when you switch specs. Make sure you follow instructions here on how to set that up if you're gonna be switching specs during raid:
If you're not switching specs during raid, please make sure you do not have any other addons that may conflict like Clique, and that you do not have clique compatibility mode checked under Options-General-Misc. Has to stay unchecked.

For flashing, keep in mind this is a "per panel" option. Meaning for each of the panels you have on the screen, you gotta first go to Options-Panels, then click on the panel (have its name flashing), then go to Options-Panels-Bars and turn on Dmg Flash. Again, remember to either hit Apply All after, or set it up separately for each panel.

Third...MT I already addressed with the first point.

For panels, yes. It's a bad idea to spawn many panels that will stay empty on the screen as panels interfere with clicks. To deal with this either try going under Options-General-General-Hide and click Empty and Empty Buttons as well as Options-Panels-General-Hide empty or set up profiles. So that for example if you want a MT window for a 25 man raid but you don't want it for a simple 5 man, you set up two profiles. In 25 one you spawn MT panel, in 5 man, you get rid of it. Switching between the two can be done automatically based on group size. More guide for that here:

before i read about setting up my vuhdo panels i ex'd them out because they were bugging me and now i don't know how to get them back. any ideas? i tried /vd restore and it brought back one panel that says "buffwatch"
Options-Move! Then click on the button that says Add new panel. Then once panel is formed, click on the + next to it to add a group to the panel. Add as many as you want.
whoa thank you! appreciate it.

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