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Hello there everyone..
Just wanted to say I love the apps but there is a few things they can add to make alot better..

For instance I'm a GL guild controls would be helpful via remote since we obviously can't be there all the time..

Also, remote posting achievements in guild chat would be nice since half the time all you see is people writing grats and you don't even know what a guildie just achieved.

On armory showing guild levels when you search would also be cool just because :)

My final suggestion and I believe to me the most important of all, would be to let you have status of where people are the majority of the time ppl are in dungeons,raids,arenas etc. Would be nice if you knew where people are so you aren't there bugging them with whispers...

Let's try to catch the attention of one of the devs :)
I would really love if achievements were announced in guild chat. It is really frustrating at times. Other than that, I love this app.
We plan to address the achievements suggestion in the next update. Release TBD.

The other suggestions are noted and in our backlog to be reviewed at a later time.
Sweet! Thank you.

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