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I have resuscitated my old server and givin it new life! I encourage you to invite anybody to it, for the more the merrier. If someone is griefing you however, please let me know. I will blacklist the person as soon as I am able, just be sure you provide the name of the offender.

This server is just for fun. If you have a problem with Minecraft, then simply don't play it. Personally I find it the most enjoyable if it is played with a few friends. Think of the server as a public art board. Each person may contribute a little more then the last.

This is the link to where you may get the pre-release version. (You will not be able to play on the server unless you acquire the .jar from here as the client on the main minecraft site is not the newest version.)

This is a brief explanation as to how to apply the updates given by the aforementioned link. I don't mind giving personal assistance, but please try to save that as a last resort and only if the video can not remedy your problem.


Server info: I will edit this sentence in regards to personal updates I have on the server status. Check back often.

Port: 25565

Server Address:

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