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I'm looking for some macro that will banish the nearest warlock demon and Mage water elemental. Essentially this macro would prioritize banishing any warlock pet in arena first before banishing a mage's water elemental. Let's say a mage and a warlock were on the same team against me, the macro would be banishing the lock's pet while ignoring the fact that there is a water elemental casting. Let's say in this same match we happen to kill the warlock first. This same macro would be able to then banish the water elemental because the first priority set to banish the lock pet cannot be fulfilled. This can also go if there is no warlock against me in area and only a mage. I would greatly appreciate any help.
This is intentionally not possible. You can target an enemy with /targetenemy, but it won't always target the closest one. You can't target a specific type of unit, nor can you cast spells based on whether or not a unit is casting.
This is probably a nub question, but what if you made the macro target by name, and then list out every possible pet name? i.e. @pet1, @pet2, @pet3, etc.
pet1, pet2 and pet3 I think refer to the pet numbers of your own party I don't know that you can banish enemy ones like that. And while enemy players in arenas have their own unitIDs, I'm not sure there are such for their pets. Maybe you could try
@arena1pet or @arena2pet
there is a way bc it can be done with shamans bind elemental
/target Water Elemental
/cast Bind Elemental

this targets water ele, binds it and swtiches back to target all at once

Mod this for warlocks banish and post it here so i can copy it on my warlock thank you
You can add other pets to this; it's only 141 characters as is. If there are no nearby pets, it will do nothing.

They will be targeted in order given. But, you don't get control over WHOSE pet gets targeted if there's more than one of a type.

/target [noexists]Felhunter
/target [noexists]Succubus
/target [noexists]Water Elemental
/cast [exists]Banish
I do not believe the /cleartarget/target [noexists]Felhunter/target [noexists]Succubus/target [noexists]Water Elemental/cast [exists]Banish/targetlasttarget macro will work, Considering warlock pets have unique names like "Krak'thang" The only reason it works for mage elementals is because they are all called "Water Elemental" and have no unique name, can anyone confirm/deny?

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