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Lets have a wow contest for transmorph gear we put together? Not full on tier sets, but items we collect throughout the game, quests, dungons and raids.... Some tier items allowed but not the entire set... What do you guys think? Any ideas or comments welcome..
You shortened transmogrification to transmorph? That doesn't even make sense.
reporting in

i think it may be fun if it was hosted by blizzard and winner got a prize
have 1st 2nd and 3rd place


1st mop free?

2nd 2 months game time?

3rd pet from the store
Pyronaptor o' de Siame-Quashi, reportin' mon.
/Enters in the Nightmare category

I'm hear, in full awesome attire.
Well hai there im in mine!

It looks even better when you can see the staff.
Count me in
Leah's on my server. :O
I was going for a rogue look. Unfortunately you can't see the dual Pokers (29 twink daggers in the day) unless you see me in person.
I'll enter the "sexiest male human" catagory and the "best non-set transmog" catagory.
I enter, you pay-that's how these things work.
I've already hosted my own contest on my server. You may borrow my rules, if you want...

It was a lot of fun and it was a hit.

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