Update character models: Who would be sad?

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Ok Kat Hunter on the Blizzcon live stream just asked about the Character models being updated in 5.0 MoP. The answer was it would upset players attached to their character they have played for years and be disruptive to the game.

Q: So I'm asking those that would be upset to respond. How many of you would be upset to have a new updated player model?
No I certainly wouldn't be sad.

Polygon updates please.
I want my update damnit.
No, I wouldn't be upset, quite the contrary. Updated models/skins are one of my most wanted things for the game.
I want wrists. :(
I wouldn't.

Thing is people are upset about the next expansion being about Pandas, but thats not gonna stop Blizz from still doing it.
At the beginning of Cata, some tiny minor feature on Trolls was changed- cue freakout by troll players to change it back.

I'm sure this thread will get plenty of people who think they would be A-okay with their character model being touched at all, but they really can't say until they've experienced it.
update the models and skins please
I definitely wouldn't. That seems just like an excuse to not update them.
It's like being attached to old socks. It's nostalgia and fond memories. Yet you don't need to keep those old socks to retain those feelings and memories. Once you get rid of the socks and put on new ones you realize what you were missing. The new socks in no way shape or form take away from the old socks.
My HANDS! They're HUGE!

Give me normal sized appendages please!

I wouldn't really care if the character models are updated, so long as they don't end up looking stupid.
Being a blood elf, it means updated models equals prettier me, so I'm all for it.
I am extremely upset that they are NOT giving us new models.
New character models would ruin my fetish for unblinking female trolls. Nothing gets my motor running like a woman that can't blink.
10/22/2011 02:27 PMPosted by Healstime
I definitely wouldn't. That seems just like an excuse to not update them.

It is just an excuse.

They know the models are outdated. They have been outdated for a long time.

Yet they make the scenery, our gear, & NPCs look good...

We're just left to look like N64 characters in a PS3 kinda world.

I keep my graphics on low settings just so I don't get enraged seeing the "amazing" water compared to my Ocrarina of Time toon!

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