Update character models: Who would be sad?

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Please update, I know I would't be sad.
My Night Elves and Draenei would be more than happy to have actual fingers (and my Draenei would be even more happy if she got thumbs). :3
Thank you for finally responding to this! Great news indeed.
10/22/2011 04:32 PMPosted by Polsvoice
Just allow players the option to keep their old one. Simple.

It's NOT that simple. Each new piece of gear has to be developed so that it works with each model. If players are allowed to keep the old model in addition to new models, the work has just been doubled for the designers. It would also put some major roadblocks on what new items can and cannot be developed.

Take for example, an animated belt. There is a high possibility that the original 16 models (all races, male AND female) cannot handle a belt animation.

Blizzard needs to address the concerns that may arise about a model update, and make a final decision, completely removing the old models from the game if updated models get introduced.
I've grown just a little attracted to my sexy pixels. But I won't be sad if you made me sexier.
Yay for updated models. Hope you guys throw in a couple more customization choices too, I'd love some new markings for my night elf or a new hairstyle for my troll.

I used to do pixel art for an online game, if graphics were ever touched people would complain. Didn't matter if it was entirely remade, slightly modified, or barely recolored, people whine. So I kinda know how that is, but not really considering it was a small game.
I would be okay with it, and I certainly hope that blood elves and draenai aren't considered "newer" races. While we both look better then humans and orcs we are not even up to the level of goblins.

Give everyone a free character customization with the update.
Might I offer a suggestion to sort of counter balance any negativity associated with new models?

I believe if Blizzard offers a free "make over" for races being updated, this could counter act the fear of individuals being enraged over losing how their present character looks. This way, if the face you previously had doesn't appear to you, you're not stuck $15 dollar remaking it.

((On that note, please give female trolls better faces! There's only one "pretty" face in the game right now :( My boyfriend and I would love you lots for it. ))

I'd still like some more customization in terms of proportions of characters as well(Height, Muscle Tone, Weight, ect.), similar to a free to play MMO I played before. It might help make one feel more unique, but I don't think that will be on the agenda anytime soon though.
Art Director Chris Robinson spoke on this just moments ago at the BlizzCon Open Q&A panel. It was in reply to an attendee who brought up that, in the art panel, it was explained that the pandaren model has 10 times the bone structures of the classic races, allowing for many more facial animations.

To paraphrase his statement -- which isn't too different from what I've said here on the forums before -- we absolutely plan on updating the existing models. As Chris mentioned, we want to make sure we preserve the look and feel of the original models players have come to know and love, while vastly improving their model and animation quality to be more in-line with the newer races.

We're not going to hide behind the statement that too many players will get mad if we tamper with their models, but it's a concern -- not a concern that's going to stop us from doing it, however. I want to stress as well that it's a massive undertaking to go back and do this. And to a lot of people it's something that won't be considered shiny new content. But not only do we hear the masses of players calling for this update, we really feel it's time to bring them up to par with newer models as well.

The game continues to age, but as we have no plans of slowing down on development any time in the near future, we want to keep updating and polishing it to stand the test of time (again, without sacrificing the look and feel which has brought players in over the years).

In full retrospect, this is probably something everyone wants or at least a good majority. If things like this weren't wanted, or if players hated new things, features such as blueray wouldn't nearly sell as good as it would for classics we've already seen.

I am attached to my character as much as anyone else, but for once this is a change I will adapt willingly to. If all else fails, I still have $10 for a race change.
ALSO, moonkins, please!
So what's say we forget the entire "pokemon" aspect of companions and focus on, instead of adding all those attack animations to pets, new models instead? This is only my suggestion.
Ok Kat Hunter on the Blizzcon live stream just asked about the Character models being updated in 5.0 MoP. The answer was it would upset players attached to their character they have played for years and be disruptive to the game.

Q: So I'm asking those that would be upset to respond. How many of you would be upset to have a new updated player model?

I would not be, at all. And it definitely does seem like an excuse not to do it.
Bringing updated character models with the launch of Mists of Pandaria would go a LONG way to appease the fans, as well as potentially draw in new customers as well. Blizzard has to realize this, on some level.
YAY! Will be very excited to see the updates in the models. I love my toons but will not be sad seeing an upgrade lol
I wouldn't miss the looks on any of my old characters at all. Hell, I actively despise most of them. Take my human characters, for instance. I've made several humans and they all pretty much look exactly the same, because I find the other options for humans to be absolutely intolerable. And even then I barely tolerate the looks my humans have, and NEVER go for the "do not display helm" option, as I try to cover up as much as possible. Just recently I was leveling this guy and came across some gloves which expose the fingers. I haven't seen human fingers in ages, but OH MY GOD, THEY WERE SO AWFUL! I was actively distracted by just how horrendous those human hands looked, even going so far as to keep him running as often as possible so I wouldn't have to see those hideous fingers unfurled. I was beyond happy when I leveled up and got new gloves which covered up those grotesque hands, again.

So no, I'm not going to miss my old models at all. As far as I'm concerned, this change can't come soon enough.
Update our models because I will not be upset at all - in fact quite the opposite.
10/22/2011 03:46 PMPosted by Zarhym
I want to stress as well that it's a massive undertaking to go back and do this.

I'm not a video game modeler, but I do have a very amateurish understanding of what makes the character models in WoW tick. I'm surprised to hear this described as a "massive" undertaking. I would characterize it more as creating 16 new models with a large number of animations. Although the number of animations is greater, the number of models is certainly far less than what is added in your average expansion. I would think you could even use the original animations as a starting point to save a lot of work with the new models. New textures would bee needed too I guess, but Blizzard doesn't seem to have any trouble pumping out textures anyway.

I guess what I'm asking for is what makes the task so massive? Is it simply the amount of oversight and quality control that goes into something as important as a character model and not necessarily the work itself?
I support new character models all the way, let's face it Blizz, your WoW community is crying out to you for this. Whatever your reasons or intentions are, I do not know but hear me out now.

Don't let a few nasty eggs spoil everything just because you're paranoid of what your fans and supporters might say or do, they're not a majority I'm sure you can part with only a handful of people and look on the bright side; with a new & and improved character model, you're basically inviting people who haven't played WoW to see how much it has improved over the years.

And for those of you who have been complaining that change will upset them... I understand why but sometimes you have to grow up, leave all your old shoes behind and step into bigger shoes... or socks in this case.

Way to take a stand Blizz, can't wait for my prettiness to blossom.

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