Update character models: Who would be sad?

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I have to admit, I'm pretty disappointed that updated character models was NOT one of the big announcements at BlizzCon.
Well, we're obviously all agreed. We need the updates A.S.A.P! Hurry, Blizzard!
10/23/2011 09:40 AMPosted by Marthonox
Well, we're obviously all agreed. We need the updates A.S.A.P! Hurry, Blizzard!

i doubt we'll get them any time soon. small chance we get em next expansion but it doesn't look like it...
10/22/2011 02:28 PMPosted by Jonos
It's like being attached to old socks. It's nostalgia and fond memories. Yet you don't need to keep those old socks to retain those feelings and memories. Once you get rid of the socks and put on new ones you realize what you were missing. The new socks in no way shape or form take away from the old socks.

I feel the same way. Thing is, old socks no matter how comfy, eventually start to wear out and get holes in them, start to smell really bad/get crusty and eventually become bad for your feet... same with the old character models.... its possible to keep orcs looking like orcs with a new coat of paint, same with the other original races. I think the players are also asking for more character customization, I know I am....Its tough to make your character unique in this game sometimes, who wants to be an exact clone of someone elses character?
Ok Kat Hunter on the Blizzcon live stream just asked about the Character models being updated in 5.0 MoP. The answer was it would upset players attached to their character they have played for years and be disruptive to the game.

Q: So I'm asking those that would be upset to respond. How many of you would be upset to have a new updated player model?

I want an update SOOOO BAD.


Hypothetically, I could see myself being upset if the new models were somehow worse than the old. I think the models most in danger would be the female horde races especially, since the model designers have proven themselves untrustworthy after the female worgen affair.

What if they suddenly tried to make female tauren or orcs "sexy" and thin or something? Ughhhhh. What if the new model only had weird "sexy" moe animu faces? If they suddenly made my shaman as brain-meltingly awful as a female worgen I would probably cry for a while and think about a race change. If they messed up the male tauren model somehow, that would be like 3 of my characters needing a race change. If it was awful enough I might quit in protest. So I can see where this excuse comes from.

Blizzard should really make the new models an upgrade that you can opt into or not, that way you can have a good look at the model viewer or whatever to see what your "new" character will look like and whether you're ready to make the switch. (Sort of like old epic mounts.) But it would be possible to keep your old style model, just that Blizzard would obviously not be actively working on that old model to make sure new armor and stuff isn't buggy, so you'd have to live with that if it was your choice to keep the old one.

That said I'm pretty sure Blizzard has been working on new models for a while and that some of them are probably nearly ready to show us. All those intense monk animations are going to look terrible with the old models. I think new models for the original 8 races (+maybe even the BC 2) will be in for Mists, they're just saving the announcement for a critical time (say, SWTOR release day).

Can't wait to see.

Edit: I think a good thing to accompany the inevitable model update would be to offer free race changes to any character over a certain level (40? 55?). Just have it toggled on like in the PTR when it was being tested. That way if someone didn't like their new shape then hopefully there would be another one they wouldn't mind taking.
10/22/2011 09:49 PMPosted by Frigidhex
Troll tusk rings and BIGGER FEMMIE TUSKS? Mayhaps?

This would be really nice. Make it an option to have small tusks if you want your troll to be a bloo animu gurl, but let those of us who like to see actual trollish trolls have fun as well.
Ok Kat Hunter on the Blizzcon live stream just asked about the Character models being updated in 5.0 MoP. The answer was it would upset players attached to their character they have played for years and be disruptive to the game.

Q: So I'm asking those that would be upset to respond. How many of you would be upset to have a new updated player model?

Meh, it didn't stop Blizzard from taking away the druids Tree form so I can't see why they care about making us sad.
The updates gotta happen, the vanilla fossils will just literally have to get over it, pretty soon it'll be like comparing D2 to D3 if these graphic updates dont start rollin out on those character models. Thanks btw been waiting for human/undead updates forever!
Art Director Chris Robinson spoke on this just moments ago at the BlizzCon Open Q&A panel. It was in reply to an attendee who brought up that, in the art panel, it was explained that the pandaren model has 10 times the bone structures of the classic races, allowing for many more facial animations.

To paraphrase his statement -- which isn't too different from what I've said here on the forums before -- we absolutely plan on updating the existing models. As Chris mentioned, we want to make sure we preserve the look and feel of the original models players have come to know and love, while vastly improving their model and animation quality to be more in-line with the newer races.

We're not going to hide behind the statement that too many players will get mad if we tamper with their models, but it's a concern -- not a concern that's going to stop us from doing it, however. I want to stress as well that it's a massive undertaking to go back and do this. And to a lot of people it's something that won't be considered shiny new content. But not only do we hear the masses of players calling for this update, we really feel it's time to bring them up to par with newer models as well.

The game continues to age, but as we have no plans of slowing down on development any time in the near future, we want to keep updating and polishing it to stand the test of time (again, without sacrificing the look and feel which has brought players in over the years).

The devs know that the more time that moves on, the harder it will be to change the models. Yet, they don't do it. This tells me that they don't WANT to do it.

Think about it: If you WANT something to happen, you find a way to make it happen. If you don't find a way to make it happen, then you really did not want it too.

If the devs wanted to upgrade the models, they would. Since they haven't, they don't want too. I am willing to bet that there aren't even any 'prototype' upgrades at this time.
Seriously...everyone would love to see this happen in the NEAR future.
Not upset in the least. I'm tired of my classic models looking so outdated and bad next to even Belfs.

Change them!!
I'm sure it's been suggested in the 21 pages before this, but I'll just throw it out there too.

If you're really concerned with players wanting their original character models, give the option to show updated models per race/gender at the users discretion. That way, if you like your model the way it is, leave it alone. If you don't like the new model, leave it be. But maybe you like some, but don't like others? I personally would update humans, gnomes, orcs, trolls, and tauren on my end. Everything else, in my eyes, looks just fine. If the update is great, maybe I'll do more, but at least this way if the new look sucks, I wouldn't have to deal with it.

This also helps with the possible issue that perhaps, not everyone is running a computer capable of handling an overhaul like that. I know several people in my raid group that are struggling to even see fire on the ground. It's not that they don't pay attention, it's that their computer is fairly out dated and a new one to play WoW really isn't a big priority in this economy.
They're not going to do this guys. They've been saying they want to do it for two years now, and they still haven't committed to it as of this last blizzcon.

Maybe the xpac after MoP.
Please update the character models! I've been playing since 2005 and I want my night elves updated! Hell if you put a texture pack in the online store to give the classic races a more modern appearance for 50 USD per account I will buy it!
I'd prefer if they just went back and gave fixes to every model.
For most races they just require more polygons and new textures:
Humans, dwarves, gnomes, night elves, orcs, male trolls, male tauren, forsaken, blood elves, female draenei, and male worgen.
But, there are a few models that require a bit more work:
Draenei males: Either increase leg width, or decrease chest size. can add more polygons but otherwise it is good.
Female Trolls: Blinking. also new faces with new textures and more polygons.
Female tauren: more faces and increase the polygon count. Probably add more heairstyles too.
Female worgen: Incomplete model, requires either a redesign, a revert to the beta version, or a overhaul of the model to make it anatomically correct and remove the derpyness.

On the whole, goblins are fine. Maybe boost their polygon count a little so they match the others.

Honestly, even if people are made sad by the update, they will readjust. They only case where they wouldn't is if they turned everyone into the current female worgen.
For people who are worried that the new models are gonna look even worse than the current ones, I doubt that would happen. Just look at the NPCs. The art team is capable of doing this. Who doesn't like the new Sylvanas compared to the old one?

10/23/2011 10:58 AMPosted by Breadisfunny
Blizzard NEEDS to make a poll for this, to back up their claims that it would (if any) upset the minority of players who would care. No one is going to be attached to their old models if the new ones are 100% better. I, like everyone else, would love to see new models.

i disagree i like the old models. OH LOOK i just disproved your claim.

His words were "No one is going to be attached to their old models if the new ones are 100% better."
We haven't seen the new models yet.
Therefore, you saying you like the old models doesn't mean you disproved his claim.
If he said "No one likes the old models" then you would be right to disprove him.

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