Update character models: Who would be sad?

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It's happening, there's no way the old races can do any kung-fu moves, and they all get to be monks next x-pac. So be ready, it's comming!!!!!!!
I'm fine with it. I think Dwarves already look pretty cool, but I definitely wouldn't mind a more polygons.
Wait..So dose this meen I'm going to have to buy a new Graphics card?
10/23/2011 12:04 PMPosted by Doomthulsa
Yes. Its about time the majority of Horde races get to stand up straight instead of hunched over.

you know people would complain if they made the horde races stand straight... also, i kinda like it when the trolls stretch... and when they hunch over and do their "check the ground" thing or whatever they're doin there... how would that work if we were standing straight? also, they would have to get their walks, runs, casting animations, and basically everything redone from the ground up. i don't think they would do that. i for one would be very pissed if this happened, and i would reroll alliance and laugh at the horde's new glitchy death animations
I support this 100%, new models would be awesome.

Side Note: When do I get to be a gnome paladin?
10/23/2011 12:14 PMPosted by Kolgait
but changing the way a whole class plays from patch to patch is fine?

10/23/2011 12:14 PMPosted by Kolgait
and many other classes in Cataclysm. A model change won't really make half of the players of a race roll another toon, you know.

may i suggest druids be a prime example of this?
10/23/2011 12:15 PMPosted by Dydric
can u give the human and other females better and more sexy bodies please

please tell me you're just trolling. they tried that with the female worgen if i recall correctly, and people are furious about it. make the females even more sexualized than they ALREADY ARE would be too much... they already have bikinis in every armor type. wear them if you want, but don't suggest the females be more sexualized at the risk of sounding brain dead
Thank you Zar! ^_^ Welcome back from BlizzCon. Will we get the new models with MoP?
I don't mind if they give us a free re-customization on every character, I paid at least 3 times to change the face on some of my characters, I would be upset if they ended up with a different personality, or maybe give us the option to keep the old model, it would add diversity
I'd cry because I couldn't make fun of human males anymore.

But I'd get over it pretty quickly.
Please I beg of you I implore!

I don't need new model, but a polygon and texture increase would be awesome!

Please make it an actual soon instead of the usual "soon" maybe by release... that can still be about 6 months away, with Deathwing finished, you've got a full half year or more to get the art team in gear to push out the new models and animations.
As long as I'm still ripped /flex !!!
I will be jumping for joy if they update models. My god damn orc wont keep his mouth shut, i feel like a dog panting
My only request: Don't let my ears bounce.
With all the faction leaders updated (most of them anyway) I'm wondering if the art team is going to use them as a jumping off point for reworking our characters. If so, Jaina's eye gunk was a bad move. though that's really just my opinion.

Please work around the faces we have now. My concern is the art team is gonna have one model per race that our characters are gonna have to fit into.

I'm wondering what are their plans for hair that dangles, looking at the art panel screen-shots it looked like the cloaks are more fluid and less stiff, (could have been part of the animation though now that I think about i) I was hoping that could be applied to long beards and hair. maybe put a little bounce in my hair?
Give people the option to choose old or new models.


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