Update character models: Who would be sad?

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10/22/2011 04:23 PMPosted by Ryaskybird
who else bets they'll forget about moonkin

Druids' shapeshift forms were updated during Wrath.

Bear and cats were in Wrath, but broccoli happened in Cata, GC promised us a pon- new moonkin in 4.2 if not 4.1 but as of now moonkin is unchanged. The Q&A said no new moonkin form was coming.
I for one would not be sad, and I am a nostalgic person. It's one of my fatal flaws. Give me updates dangit.
How are you going to have the other races do the monk animations if they don't have a model that can adapt to them?

Updating the models will be one of the biggest selling points of the new expansion if Blizzard gets in gear and takes this more seriously. It will help quell the angst about pandas; because if you don't really care about Pandas this expansion doesn't offer a lot to you.

I can actually agree with this completely. Just something to consider.
According to Wowhead's live blog of the Q&A session (which seems to be a paraphrase, so shouldn't be taken as gospel):

Q: Can we reskin the old races, maybe make their faces similar to the pandaren?

A: It's the one thing we really want at the level of everything. There are ten times the number of bones in a pandaren compared to other models. We are going to rework and redo them, we are working on it right now with character artists... but there are challenges so we're trying to make sure that we roll it out right and that we respect people's avatars. However, yes, we are doing it. It's in the works.

10/22/2011 04:30 PMPosted by Donaghan
The answer was it would upset players attached to their character they have played for years and be disruptive to the game.

I'm not sure how you got that from the answer that was given. You basically quoted them only on the concern they have-- and that they want to work around-- and ignored how they said they're working on updating the old models as we speak.

As Chris mentioned, we want to make sure we preserve the look and feel of the original models players have come to know and love, while vastly improving their model and animation quality to be more in-line with the newer races.

I'm really happy that Blizz is working on this, and that they're sensitive to the fact that we may not want our characters' looks to drastically change. Because, depending on the actual outcome, there are some of my characters that I would gladly change to a whole new look, and other characters that I would want to keep looking the way they are-- just with more polys, better textures, better animations.

If they can find a way to let us preview the changes, and decide on a by-character basis whether to go with the new models, then that would be awesome. However, looking back on the history of other changes, and knowing Blizz won't want to spend a huge amount of time and money on updates just to have them go unused, I'm pretty sure they won't go that route. We'll probably have to go with the updated models whether we want to or not.

That also mean, though, that they will not radically alter the looks of our models-- but rather, update them. So Night Elf and Human males (for example) will probably still look very much like they do now-- just higher quality.

That will probably be seen by us players as a good thing for some characters, and a bad thing for others.

IMO if they can spend time revamping all the zones of Cataclysm and not update models for this panda expansion, then they are wasting time. I've always wanted to see updated models. It's 2011, not 2004. That just feels like a lack of effort in my books. It's tough I'm sure, but there would be no better time to do it other than doing it in a new expansion.
They updated the models during EQ's career and it was a disaster
I know I certainly wouldn't be sad. If I was so distraught over how my character's face looked, I'd happily pay for a cosmetic change in a heartbeat. Seriously.

People have been clamoring for updated player models ever since the Burning Crusade, and even MORE so when Wrath of the Lich King came out. I mean.... Having a Vrykul standing next to a Human or Orc, the difference between the detail and structure was enormous!

It has been about four and a half years since the first new races (Draenei and Blood Elves) were added to WoW – and even they are starting to look kind of dated in comparison to Worgen, Goblins, and especially Pandaren.

On a more technical level, the way the Pandaren monks moved? Beautiful. Just beautiful. But I can't see -any- of the vanilla races having the same flowing movement to them with their rigging. It's going to look stiff and awkward...

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I would happily have a major patch come out with no new raids or dungeons or whatever. Just have it be a massive model update. As others have said, it is strange to have three, soon to be four, expansions worth of graphical changes layered on the original one.

Take that tiger that was shown in the Art Panel, for instance. It's stunning! Now put it side by side to an old-world tiger you'd normally find in Stranglethorn. There's no comparison.

Now imagine that blocky tiger next to your shiny new Pandaren.

While I know a worldwide remodeling is obviously a MASSIVE, if not currently impossible, undertaking given the time restraints, it is a dream of mine since WoW has no sign of slowing down for years to come. How it is going to look when we have seven expansions out and we're still using the original WoW models?

Now, I could certainly live with NPCs not being updated right away, but I really want to see new player models for the original races and maybe some touch ups on the Worgen. The males look pretty good, but the females.... D:

In closing, I'm saying this because I am super thrilled with Pandaria and the gorgeous artwork and landscapes (and Pandas and monks). The amount of hard work the art team, animators, and everyone had to go through to make that possible is astounding. Though with all that said, it's going to look mighty strange to have my old-world Human lingering around in the middle of it.
They had better not mess up my Trolls.
It would take time getting used to I admit, but they reaaally need updating.
Why are people posting in here saying they aren't upset didn't you read the title? this defeats the purpose of this thread/topic anyways i would be sad i've grown attached to my character model and every other model as well i just like how everything is already no need for change
I personally do not want to see an update like this at the cost of losing the specific looks that I've set up for my characters. Sure, better graphics = better, I can't argue against that, but I don't want my characters to ever look different.

Other than for the 10 achievement points on my main, I've got 22 characters that I actually play and 21 of them have never gotten the Shave and a Haircut achievement, because I put a lot of effort into their original creation and it holds a lot of sentimentality for me.

That's pretty much my take.
I hope BC races are included with getting new models.
Will people be able to redesign their characters completely?

While my face may look really nice updated, I chose it because it's the ONLY one I liked and I'm willing to bet that will change.
10/22/2011 04:32 PMPosted by Polsvoice
Just allow players the option to keep their old one. Simple.

This. It's a very easy option that would please everyone. There are some of my toons that I'd like to see updated, and some that I'd like to see stay the same. I'm all for new models, but we should have the option to use the old ones if we prefer.
Not me. I'd love new models.
Art Director Chris Robinson spoke on this just moments ago at the BlizzCon Open Q&A panel. It was in reply to an attendee who brought up that, in the art panel, it was explained that the pandaren model has 10 times the bone structures of the classic races, allowing for many more facial animations.

To paraphrase his statement -- which isn't too different from what I've said here on the forums before -- we absolutely plan on updating the existing models. As Chris mentioned, we want to make sure we preserve the look and feel of the original models players have come to know and love, while vastly improving their model and animation quality to be more in-line with the newer races.

We're not going to hide behind the statement that too many players will get mad if we tamper with their models, but it's a concern -- not a concern that's going to stop us from doing it, however. I want to stress as well that it's a massive undertaking to go back and do this. And to a lot of people it's something that won't be considered shiny new content. But not only do we hear the masses of players calling for this update, we really feel it's time to bring them up to par with newer models as well.

The game continues to age, but as we have no plans of slowing down on development any time in the near future, we want to keep updating and polishing it to stand the test of time (again, without sacrificing the look and feel which has brought players in over the years).

its good to hear that this is being worked on. I would love for the human males to look like Kalecgos's human model... like realllllllly like it lol a face change like this i think would be a good first step. looking forward to it.

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