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Look, I get that most Blizzard employees are hardcore horde fans. And I get I have to live with the constant favoritism by the developers and the over the top 'For The Horde' cries everywhere you look at Blizzcon. But when Samwise (don't get me wrong, I love the man's art.. but right now he is on my feces list) brought out that piece of filth from Cannibal Corpse and he was constantly like 'F' the Alliance throughout the video package and onstage, I found that offensive and rude. I get you want the factionalism, but lets face it, you have been going way to far with the favoritism (and that is probably why Metzen was forced to wear the Alliance hoodie, because of the issues with the battlecry from last year, which we alliance are still waiting for you to fix... we pay your salaries as well as the horde players do) and the racor and vile especially on the horde side is growing too much. I have been in my Alliance shirt in the parking lot of Walmart (just this past summer) and had some guy get in my face and tell me Alliance s*cks b*lls and scream For the Horde.

Just throwing this out there, but maybe one of the reasons you are hemorrhaging subscriptions (if that is true) is the fact that people are tired of you always favoring one side over the other (Alliance hasn't been truly dominant since WCII.. wait, isn't that the time Metzen took over as creative director? Hmmm...) and many of the developers and other blizzard staff are very vocal about it?

Long story short, I want an apology from Blizzard and from Samwise for the rudeness at the concert and that you start to tone down your obvious favoritism immediately. Don't give me the standard line of 'its coming, wait for it'. This last expansion is especially bad (thrall in our faces, Azshara a horde symbol, developers spending all their time on the goblins, that the worgen starting lore is incomplete and if you want to see the rest of the story, then you have to roll a forsaken... I could go on, but you know all the examples).
While I agree the video package was in bad taste, there isn't rampant favoritism. In fact, most players play Alliance anyway. If anything, having Blizzard employees push Horde is an earnest attempt to balance the factions.

Also, expecting an apology is juvenile at best. You'll live just fine without one.
I think the human racial pretty much nullifies everything you just said, from a PvP point of view.

Have you visited the warcraft census site? It's humans, all the way down. Favors horde, lol.
Blizz's supposed favoritism of one faction over another is a stupid thing to complain about in any case.
I can see how this can be entirely frustrating with the whole "FOR THE HORDE" thing and what not. I've just grown to enjoy both factions despite the hate. Metzen said during Lore and Story Q&A that Varian's going to have a decent role to play this time, as well as Anduin. I think they are trying to push out more Alliance love because it's mostly Horde this and Horde that. Speaking of Horde, I should play my Tauren again.
Chris Metzen put on a clown costume for you. What more do you need?


Oh! One more thing. inb4 human paladin who takes RP way too seriously

Here's the deal. I'm going to hit you in the nads with some facts, all fully supported by real evidence, and none of which are purely my opinion.

  • Horde are more fun to play than alliance.

  • Horde look much better than alliance.

  • Lore-wise, the Horde are much more interesting than the alliance.

  • Horde are much less racist than alliance.

  • Horde have much more faction pride than alliance.

  • Orgrimmar is way cooler than Stormwind.

  • Stormwind has had its park section missing for almost a year now, and the king hasn't bothered to rebuild it. Clearly this means the Alliance government is bankrupt and has cut all non-essential government employees. Meanwhile, the two towers in front of Stormwind are still burning. So Stormwind has also fired all of its firefighters. With this kind of fiscal mismanagement, nobody should be supporting the alliance. They can't even support themselves. Meanwhile, the Horde is employing so many goblins to build catapults, they're having to kill half of them to avoid overemployment.

  • Goblin engineering is much more awesome than Gnomish engineering. If you have ever heard of a "town-in-a-box", you know what I'm talking about.

  • The Horde warchief had to take a break from being a warchief so he could keep the world from collapsing in on itself. Any alliance leader would be too busy primping in the mirror to do something like this. Except for the dwarves, of course.
I'll be honest. I'd respect the Alliance except that their leader is just manufacted anime super saiyan kaiwii character created to appease the dbz-teenagers. He's literally pushing out all the viable lore leaders and replacing them as the faction Alliance because they think that's what the average Alliance players wants. A kawaii anime super saiyan goku-type. =[


Rock on! Thanks for telling me about this awesome video. :) Hey! I found the Alliance video.
"For the Horde!"

That sounds awesome. It sounds fierce.

"For the Alliance!"

That sounds awkward. It doesn't flow.
Write a good Alliance battle cry and maybe Blizzard employees will start shouting it more.
Really? You can't find somthing better to complain about? Oh noes Blizz said "for the horde" more than "for the alliance" and they had some jacka$$ that isn't in any way affiliated with the company on stage that said a bad word about the alliance!

Grow up it's a freakin video game.
"For the Horde!"

That sounds awesome. It sounds fierce.

"For the Alliance!"

That sounds awkward. It doesn't flow.
Write a good Alliance battle cry and maybe Blizzard employees will start shouting it more.

In before "Not in the face!!"

Sorry, that just never gets old for me. Hahahah heheheh hohohoho...crud, I wet myself.
For the Horde!!!

Wait wut!
10/23/2011 11:14 AMPosted by Nikolatesla

Is a hobbit.
For the Pumpkin!

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