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My suggestions:
While I’m sure all of these will be jumped on by someone, but these are thoughts that I had about professions, classes, mounts, and pets.

•Class Mounts: This has always annoyed me that some classes get their own mounts. So here are my suggestions for more class mounts.

oWarrior: Lion of Varien/Hound of Garrosh. Now that both the alliance and horde have a warrior at the helm there needs to something to show this. Shouldn’t be the same as the alliance guild reward or orc basic mount.

oDruid: Fearie Dragon-style mount, or something else emerald-dreamy. And yes I know druids get flight form, but that’s not a mount.

oRogue: Something that you could imagine or see stealthing, like a sleek warpstalker.

oShaman: Mounts that show off the connection to the elements, perhaps a ground mount made of earth and fire, and a flier forged of wind and water.

oMage: a mount that shows off the mage’s magic types. I imagine a mount that’s part fire
and ice, wrapped ethereal style and pulsing arcane energy.

oPriest: For priests I imagine wraiths, for like of a better term. There would be a holy version and a shadow version that would envelope and float behind the priest, carrying them as they float levitate-style.

oMonk: ??? don’t know enough about them yet to make a good suggestion.

•Professions: there’s some things I think some professions give that are a little out of balance with others. Pets and Mounts specifically, I don’t think it’s fair that like class mounts some profession mounts are BoP without representation in another profession. I could change my warrior to a tailor for the carpets, but that “sweet” cloak enchant wouldn’t be enough for me stay a tailor and lose out on what blacksmithing gives me.

oAlchemy: Ooze mount, think the pet, but bigger and more bubbly. For pets I would suggest a tiny abomination and the tiny beasts that plague the drainie starting area (the same model as the priest shadow beast)

oJewel Crafting: The mount that I first thought about for JC is barely a mount at all, roller skates. It would basically make your feet shine and use the extreme running animation. For pet I would suggest a gem ‘golem,’ basically the JC trinkets made into pet form.

oLeatherworking: For a pet I would say “dolls,” like the rag doll items but would follow behind. For a mount I imagine a ‘shadow cloak,’ it would cover the character grim reaper style and would cause you to glide over the ground leaving faint afterimages in your wake.
oEnchanting: A Bubble. Yes, an enchanted bubble mount that surrounds the character and would float in whichever direction desired.

oCooking: no mounts for cooking, but I don’t think pets should be out of the question. Two that are on my mind would be the “Hot Dog” and “Floating Pasta Beast or FPB”
oBlacksmithing: ??? everything I start to think of for BS seems too far flung from wow culture.

oInscription: Living Scroll (a scroll of parchment that follows you snake-style)

oTailoring: Just pet suggestions. Living scarf and cloth-stitched ghoul

•General pets and mounts: there’s a few I think should have been put in by now.

oGreen Drake Mount, we have all the other aspect colors and even a few ones that have no basis, Ysera can hand over a few kids.

oInfinite Drake Mount and pet. I know we ‘kill’ evil Noz in 4.3, but since that timeline wont happen because of the two dungeons and the raid after that it means the Infinite will still be around.

oChromatic Drake Pets, BWD showed us a few chromags are still around, and we’ve gotten things for less reasons.

oLil Faceless Ones, because the adds before chogall are awesome.

•Appearance/Costumes: I think they can add some flare to a mundane night or queue time.

oMore Orbs of Sindorie, blood elves are cool and all, but there should be more race options in the same style. You should still look like yourself some of the time though, so I would say using one puts a partial cooldown on the others.

oAlso, items like the super simian sphere and orb of deception should be items and not trinkets.

oHair: style are fine, but I would like to see some streaks or tip coloring allowed. For example, I love flame druids, and while I don’t want my druids hair to be all fiery, a streak of red down the side of her hair would be great.

•Misc: Mostly transmog-ery

oMore blindfolds, no more black ones, but that’s such a cool item that I’m sure more than a
few people of the non-leather variety would like to use it.

o‘Cosplay’ items (like from the challenge modes): Horns (dragon, demon, etc), Animal Ears/Tails (cat, fox, etc). Transmog your helm or belt to add a lil flair, depending on the character’s own hair or features might change the color of them some.

Those are just some suggestions, enjoy.

Edit: Removed chromatic drake mount from the list, Ultraxion drops one. And while raid dropping mounts arent really something I'm found of (not counting achieve ones), I'm glad that it got put in. Personally I think if we kill the boss and we see the mount drop an option to do some quest or something to get it should be opened to those who lost the roll/dkp. The quest I would imagine would be lengthy, expensive, only available if you've seen the mount drop/met another requirement, and still require a small group. That way the mount wouldnt be common, but would give people a better chance to get it at some point.
another bit that the haters are gonna hate, but I think it would be so great if somewhere in the corner of pandaria, somewhere no one really ever would go there would be a Pandaran monk training with a Nerubian, an Arakkoa, a Ramkahen, a Naga, and one of the new Hozu. Sorta like the rat and four turtles in the dal sewers, a lil reference tucked away for an adventurer's amusement.
Another suggestion that has come to mind has to do with character customization. I like the new direction of the new talents, and this suggestion would grow on that principle. I call this idea “Class Contracts.” This contract, between two max level characters (or alts) of different classes. What would follow would consist of a quest chain proving mastery over your class and a challenge from (an) NPC(s) to prove your worth to the second class. The end result would vary based on your class and spec and the class you made a contract with. (In my mind the contract would work only one way, so the secondary class acts as more of an approving nod and is not forced to choose the first player as a secondary class too). The general end result would basically be some of the player’s skills taking on secondary effects, gaining access to a new skill (based on spec) and gaining access to an altered and shortened ‘secondary tree’ based on the class they contracted with.
Two examples from a warrior point of view:
Making a contract with a death knight:
Heroic strike: gains a chance to place a plague strike-type dot on the target
Wild Strike/Slam/Shield Bash: gains a chance to place an Icy touch-type dot on the target
Mortal Strike/Bloodthirst/Devastate: Chance to proc an additional effect
Bladestorm/Whirlwind/Shockwave: spread and refresh dots (including bleeds)
Heroic Throw: Chains of Ice the target
Additional Skills: “Death Coil:” free, with cast time, several second cd (for times when out of melee). Fury gains version of Unholy Frenzy, Arms a version of Pillar of Frost, Prot a version of Vamp Blood.
Making a contract with a mage:
Heroic strike: gains a chance to place a living bomb-type dot on the target
Wild Strike/Slam/Shield Bash: gains a chance to place a Frostfirebolt-type dot on the target
Mortal Strike/Bloodthirst/Devastate: Chance to proc an additional effect
Bladestorm/Whirlwind/Shockwave: spread and refresh dots (including bleeds)
Heroic Throw: slow the target, if already slowed will proc a frost nova effect around the target
Additional Skills: “Arcane Strike,” long range, free/cheap spell with cast time and several second cd (for times when out of melee). Fury gains “Mirrored Blades” (version of mirror image), Arms gains a version of flame orb, Prot a version of ice barrier.

It’s hard to give examples of the secondary talent tree, with them still changing, but let’s say at the new level cap you gain 3 additional talent points to use between 9 new talents, altered versions of the contracted classes talents. For example, a version of the new DK asphyxiate talent would add the stun effect to charge. Mages might have “Cold Shout” as an option, adding a new shout to the warrior repertoire that wouldn’t cost or add any rage but would stay on the same cd as the other shouts while slowing/damaging targets in front of the player. The goal would be to make all the effects added to existing attacks be similar across the board, so the added abilities and additional talent choices would allow for further customization of play style and character. This would also allow players to see a change in their character as they level that would not require adding too many new skills.
(secondary class would not be permanent, but would require payment to be unlearned and a new contract/quest line be undergone.)

id like to remind anyone reading that these are just my thoughts and not demands in anyway. that being said, get on it please :P
Slayer Class (based on Demon hunters):
Mail Armor (agi/int)
Dual Resource: Focus or Mana, and Malady
Specs: Terror (agi, ranged-melee), Torment (int, caster), Torture (int, heals)
Weapons: 1h Swords, 1h Axes, Fists, 1h Maces, Staves, Offhand
Slayer would be a hero class (starting at lvl 75, starting area at 78~80) able to be used by any race. Taught by the few remaining Demon Hunters, Slayers were trained to overcome any obstacle at any cost. The backstory for each would be something of a desperate hero at the end of his/her rope, willing to do anything not to be lost in the fray. At the start all Slayers would use a focus/chi-type mechanic, changing to mana if they choose the caster or healing spec when the class quests lead to specialize (a la the DK starting zone). The second recourse all Slayers would use is known as Malady. A form of corruption, Malady would build up from most Slayer abilities (would build up as a resourse on Terror and Torment, on the healing targets of Torture).
The class mechanics would be partially based on knowing when and how to dispel this Malady. Malady acts as a small buff at first, but reaching a certain percentage would start to cause debuffs, and allowing more still to build up would trigger a major explosion of damage. All three specs would have channeled spell to remove the Malady from themselves (or the target for Torture spec), but would also have differing ones based on spec. Terror and Torment would have versions to convert their Malady to either damage or debuff their target(s), while the Torture spec would be able to channel a heal or create a bubble for their target through Malady cleansing.
Terror spec would be able to deal melee damage at either close or fall ranges. The rotation of the Terror spec would change based on range, allowing them to play one way or the other and still fill the melee slot. Most Terror abilities would require swords, axes, or fists to be equipped.
Torment spec would be similar to mage or elemental shamans. In combat Torment specs would build up Malady faster than the other two, altering their appearance based on how much they had and allowing different abilities to be accessed at different times. This would be similar to the newly proposed Demo warlock mechanic, although there would be drawbacks to allowing too much to build up.
Torture spec would utilize a set of mechanics that would make healing more and more complicated as the number of healing targets increased, but would be very rewarding if played correctly. Because Malady would build up as a debuff on the heal targets, it would be able to be cleansed off by other healers, so that if something happened to the Slayer healer died or was not being observant the heal targets would not be left to the wind.
While adding a 12th class would mean additional balancing, it would complete the armor type-to-class ration. In addition, since the 'secondary classes' would give the same boost in damage/healing/survivability across the board, each of the 37 specs would have 11 additional specializations. As more levels and expansions would be added to the game less new things would have to added as classes leveled, instead added abilites from the 'secondary class' would effect more of the primary class's original abilities.
This would, in effect, allow anyone to be a 'special snowflake' by allowing class, spec, the new non mandatory talents, and secondary class choices. Add a few new face/hair effects and there truly would be no two players completely alike
Class Contract Examples:
With Death Knight:
Basic Contracted Ability: Death Coil (free, ranged with cast time and cool-down, empowered based on rage), Grants one Rune resource with ‘Rune Tap’ that will empower the next ability used, Rune refills slowly based.
Spec Based Abilities; Fury: Lesser Unholy Frenzy, Arms: Lesser Pillar of Frost, Prot: Lesser Vampiric Blood
Example of secondary talents: On a Pale Horse/Desecration Clap (Thunderclap+Desecration)
With Druid:
Basic Contracted Ability: ‘Wrath Swing’ (free, ranged with cast time and cool-down, empowered based on rage), Grants small Solar/Lunar resource to Arms, small energy resource to Fury. Both build up at slow rates from different abilities, energy would allow a finisher use, solar/lunar at max would grant a buff/reduced cd’s.
Spec Based Abilities; Fury: Shred and Finisher, Arms: “Starstrike”, Prot: Thrash
Example of secondary talents: Ability to Prowl/Fairy Sunder (allow Sunder at range)/Stance Shift (allowing stance dancing to remove snares like druid shifting)
With Hunter:
Basic Contracted Ability: ‘Steady Throw’ (free, ranged with cast time and cool-down, builds rage), increases range on certain abilities.
Spec Based Abilities; Fury; Concussive Bombardment (aoe skills stun), Arms; Trap and Trap Launcher, Prot; Spirit Bond (dark intent/focus magic style link, as long as both the warrior and target are alive and in range increased healing to both and reduces damage taken to the target)
Example of secondary talents: Arcane Tipped Blades (chance to restore rage on ability use)/Fervor (rage version)/Wyvren Sting
With Mage:
Basic Contracted Ability: Frostfire Blade (free, ranged with cast time and cool-down), ‘Mage Armor’-type ability
Spec Based Abilities: Fury; Mirrored Blades (mirror image type cd), Arms; Energy Orb (fire orb type cd), Prot; Iced Armor (ice barrier type cd)
Example of secondary talents: Cold Shout (shout on cd with other shouts, slows targets in a cone)/Cauterize/Temporal Shift (damage/movement cd)
With Paladin:
Basic Contracted Ability: Judgment, Holy Power Resource (filled with specific abilities)
Spec Based Abilities: Fury; Templar’s Verdict-type Finisher, Arms; Templar’s Verdict-type Finisher, Prot; Word of Glory-type self heal
Examples of secondary talents: Consecrated Ground (thunderclap leaves ticking nature damage zone)/Improved Stances (grants auras to stances)/Charging Light (adds radiating heal to any passed through while charging)
With Priest:
Basic Contracted Ability: Smite (arms/prot)/Mind Blast (free, ranged with cast time and cool-down), small self-shield
Spec Based Abilities: Fury; Furious Apparitions, Arms; Archangel (cd, grants self-healing to damage abilities), Prot; Final Prayer
Example of secondary talents: Vampiric Strikes (damaging abilities apply debuff that slowly heals those in range)/Devout Intervention (player and target gain movement increase when intervene is used)/Chakra (empowers certain abilities based on spec)
With Rogue:
Basic Contracted Ability: Grants use of Poisons, Stealth, 3 combo point resource for Arms
Spec Based Abilities: Fury; Bandit’s Guile and Blade Fury, Arms; Mutilate and Envenom, Prot; Find Weakness (Grants certain abilities increased threat and reduce armor)
Example of secondary talents: Additional Poisons/Shadowstep/Sprint
With Shaman:
Basic Contracted Ability: Totemic Aura (based on spec), weapon imbuement, Unleash Elements
Spec Based Abilities: Fury; Fire Totem (damaging aoe), Arms; Wind Totem (haste buff), Prot, Stone Bulwark Totem
Example of secondary talents: Ghost Wolf/Astral Shift/Healing Totem
With Warlock:
Basic Contracted Ability: Felbolt (free, ranged with cast time and cool-down), small additional resource based on spec (soul shard=fury, infernal embers=arms, demonic fury=prot)
Spec Based Abilities: Fury; Additional dot(s) and Soulburn(empowers certain skills), Arms; Conflagration Slam, Prot; Metamorphosis (uses all demonic fury to empower certain abilities and cd’s)
Example of secondary talents: Grimoire (summons temporary demon based on spec)/Burning Charge (when charging or intervening, will cost 10% life and empowers rage and second resource)/Soul Leach
With Monk: with so little known of monks at the moment, hard to say much about them
Basic Contracted Ability: Kamehameha
Spec Based Abilities: Fury; Punchy, Arms; Kicky, Prot; Drinky
Example of secondary talents: N/A ATM
With Slayer:
Basic Contracted Ability: Adds small Malady resource pool, Malady Strike (free, ranged with cast time and cool-down, builds small amount of Malady)
Spec Based Abilities: Fury; Raging Malady (would convert Malady into a damage boosting enrage), Arms; Maladous Blast (would convert Malady into a forward cone attack), Prot; Cleansing Burst (would cleanse all Malady on the tank, healing them, creating a small bubble on themselves and doing a small aoe)
Example of secondary talents: N/A ATM
the slayer class would be designed with only one cooldown per spec, gaining a second through contracts and perhaps a third through contract talents. not mentioned above, but if i would also have the melee spec of the slayer class able to use agi or str one-handers to allieviate some weapon overlap from other classes.
Slayer NPCs would also be in charge of teaching contracts, which would act as a story/roleplaying aspect for their previous lives (maybe with DK NPCs as well).
The advantages that would be gained would depend on the classes and specs, a fire mage or affliction lock that took a healing class contract would cause their dots to do healing on nearby friendlies, while a demo lock or enhance shammy would be able to take on a tank form. these advantages would most bend class roles in 5-mans and the overworld, but could be used for pinch saves in raids. they would not however, replace 'real' healers and tanks in raids
Another idea that has been mulling about my mind for a bit concerns an idea for a new daily hub. This hub would be similar in form to Argent Tourny, where you do one faction at a time, but instead of working for your own faction you would be acting as a spy similar in fashion to the Netherwing dailies. If you are alliance, you would be shapeshifted to a corresponding horde race (and vice-versa) and would be sent to 'gather' intelligence from the horde base. The bases would be phased to prevent horde and alliance from trying to talk to each other. 'Gathering intelligence' would end up meaning doing dailies for each of the opposing faction races. Once you 'exalted' or finished 'gathering info' on one race, you would move on to the next. After each race you would either be awarded or be able to buy a 'runt' mount, which would be a simple version of the opposing faction mounts. This would allow a worgen to get a wolf and a goblin to get a mechano strider while also fueling the alliance v horde story
glyph suggestion:
Druid: Glyph of Feral Forms: changes cat form to a more appropriate racial form.
Trolls get raptor, Worgen get 'pack form' (more wolfy), nelves and taurens would get a more wild looking cat form.
Druid: Glyph of Boomkin
Three ideas here: 1) just make boomkin form invisible, 2) boomkin becomes a cd, you will retain a large % of the buff from boomkin most of the time, with a bonus from popping the cd larger then the regular form, 3) boomkin becomes tied to eclipse. you retain most of the buff from boomkin, which gains strength as you reach eclipse, lasting for a time that on average ends as eclipse goes back to the middle.
Druid: Glyph of Flame Druids: I love flame cats, and maybe scorpions too :D

Liking the glyph of the stars, glad something got implimented for that terible form

This is of course assuming we still have space for more 'cosmetic' glyphs in MoP, some of the suggestions for new glyphs might hint at a system with more wiggle room but more options for actual bonuses from all glyph slots.
Pandarans were a good start, but here's what I think should eventually come to be included

Ethereals, have been and still are working with both sides. Could be Warrrior, Paladin, Hunter, slayer, Rogue, Monk, Mage, Priest, Warlock

Naga, have some go to civil war and the losers join the horde and alliance. Would shapeshift like the worgen when out of combat or mounting to either a night elf or blood elf form. The naga race would be interesting because which form you choose (nelf/belf) would effect your class list.
belf naga: Paladin, warlock
nelf naga: Druid, Priest
both: warrior, hunter, slayer, rogue, monk, mage
since the belf/nelf form would only be forced to be seen while using a flying mount (if current naga models were used and not a new, legged model) it shouldnt be a big choice to choose a belf naga to be a paladin even if you go alliance. Naga would also be able to be their own land and water mount.

Mantid, according to an mmo post about the new factions theres going to be
The Klaxxi - These Mantid Elders are untouched by the corruption and insanity that has overtaken the remainder of the Mantid Swarm. They seek to work with the races of Pandaria to restore their Queen to glory
If this were taken to another point, or even just a splinter group with a rogue queen were introduced, it would not be hard to incorperate the mantid into a playable race.
Could be, Warrior, Slayer, Hunter, Shaman, Rogue, Monk, Priest, Mage
(would be a stretch, but they could be druids with 'buggy' forms as well)
This would in effect be nothing but an appearence and perhaps a rewording of some abilities, but would open up some of the races in game that players want but are already similar to existing playable races. The two biggest examples would be high elves and the dark rangers.
Give the undead the option to appear as 'dark elves'
Give either humans or nelves the option to appear as high elves
They would retain their normal race and racials, but would give additional flare to the character without having to introduce an entirely new race.

Alternatively, this could work as a way to allow and identify races to join the opposite faction.
Dwarf: Dark Iron
Gnome: Leper Gnomes
Dainei: Broken
Tauren: Grimtotem or (based on how the MoP story plays out) the new Taurens from Pandaria
Goblin: Some other cartel
Trolls: Dark Trolls
Blood Elves: High Elves

Human, Worgen, and Night Elves, Orcs, and Undead shouldn't change sides. If I were to add a third race to the Horde's do not swap list it would probably be teh trolls, although in general it is easier to justify races of the horde joining the alliance than the other way around.

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