The Blizzcon Video Incident - Why It Matters.

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EDIT - This Topic Has Been Continued Here:

So, from several threads on various forums, I think that anyone who wasn't there knows the score pretty much.

Basically, Samwise of the famous band which plays at Blizzcon (which is not only vocally pro Horde but also severely anti Alliance) played a video in which a celebrity (introduced as an 'unofficial spokesman') went on a rant in which he called Alliance players whiny and emo, called them a number of homophobic slurs and said that they should die IRL - I don't want to repost the exact stuff here...but it was utterly insane.

Yes - you heard me. A senior Blizzard representitive endorsed a video saying that the players of a faction should die.

Sure, as Bashiok said it was framed as a 'joke' (he actually said he found it personally funny). And as Zarhym said, a lot of people are being silly about this.


There have been many threads made on these forums and others about the treatment of Alliance players at Blizzcon (and to a lesser extent, in general). We've had individuals booed and jeered at publically, simply for being alliance. There have been reports of people getting insulted, taunted, spat at and even physically assaulted for wearing an Alliance shirt. When does it stop being a joke?

In fact, this year I recall more than one thread basically telling Alliance players to go to Blizzcon at risk of not enjoying it, being alienated or ridiculed at best. I don't think I've ever seen a Horde player subjected to anything like this.

We are encouraged to invest ourselves in our characters - and by extension, in our faction. And it gets hard to enjoy it when faction pride becomes anti-faction hatred, especially when it is expressed/endorsed by a Blizzard employee.

Fact is - when you have this kind of stuff going on, it stops just being a game. Take a look at football (soccer, if you live stateside) and how serious some of the rivalries in a game can get when allowed to get out of control.

So - what do you think? Was Samwise out of line? If so - how can the situation be repaired?

Let's keep this civil if we can.

Edited: For clarity and to avoid being inflammatory.

EDIT 2 - some good responses from both sides of the table...and a lot of people being obnoxious. Let's keep this clean and civil if possible. And please, please keep "Free Speech" as far away from this issue as you can.

EDIT 3 - A lot of people seem to be justifying things with "Oh, the guy plays Death Metal". The issue isn't as much what was said, it was that it was basically endorsed by Samwise and how this kind of attitude is both unprofessional and unconducive to any faction pride the Alliance are trying to build.

EDIT 4 - I was not aware that Samwise also came up with a lot of the art for Alliance. I wonder if I can blame female worgen and male humans on him too :)

EDIT 5 - If possible, can people suggest solutions, both to the damage this has potentially done to any efforts to 'build alliance spirit' and the Blizzard rep endorsement of the video? Will an apology solve it?

EDIT 6 - Off to bed for now, thanks to those of you (on either side of the issue) that have made an effort to be constructive. Other people here...depress me. I am wondering if it's time for a 3rd faction...
You should never expect any different at Hordecon.
EDIT - yes, I posted in my own thread on an alt. This is not relevant, nor is it something that has never been done before. I don't even think it is against the rules. Estalk away :)

If a poster on the forums was to say anything close to this, they would be looking down the barrel of a serious permaban.

But when it's cloaked as a joke, in a public venue and endorsed by a Blizzard employee...I guess we are just 'silly' (as Zarhym put it) to be offended.
See, this just seemed to cross the line from jokingly poking fun at Alliance members to just outright dehumanizing them. There's a big difference between bringing up someone to stage for a joke based on a joke video and bringing up someone onto stage who viciously verbally attacks anyone who doesn't share his opinion.

And the way Blizzard went along with it was nothing short of pathetic.
I find it funny that he was complaining and whining about being ganked...
I must say, as a Horde player, and very VERY pro Horde - I'm disgusted by what you say, OP. If such is true, then something should be done as soon as possible.

I'm tired of being the favored faction. I don't want it. I don't like it.

If I saw someone with an Alliance t shirt, the last thing I would want to do is insult or hurt him. I'd go get a drink with him and laugh and maybe even debate. But never would I insult him for being Alliance. If what Samwise did was true, which I've never seen the video so I have no clue, then something should be done.
I think it was pretty tactless.

I'm usually okay with Horde vs. Alliance ribbing, but that was just a whole different level. It alienated and insulted a large portion of the customers, and made the other portion look bad. As a loyal horde player, I don't like being associated with such crassness.
Here I thought Horde-con couldn't get any lower.

Samwise should be suspended at minimum. Cannibal Corpse or whoever should be reported to the police, both state and fashion.

Bingo - poking fun at a faction: fine. Especially when it's two sided (which we don't see much, either).

When it is a deliberate verbal assault on the people who play that faction, it stops being funny.
It's a video game. People forget this.
It does sound like this hit a nerve. I didnt watch so im not totally sure what happen but from your description it does cross the line.

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