[A] Reanimated · 8/8 Heroic DS · 3 Day

Burning Legion
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Reanimated is looking to fill a few key spots in our MAIN raiding roster.

We especially need competent range DPS for our MAIN group. These are not bench spots, they are full time raid spots. Our preference for the range opening is a shadow priest, warlock, or mage.

- 1 Healer: Holy Paladin ideally but will consider any
- 1 Tank: Blood DK or Prot Warrior ideally, but will consider any
- 1-2 Caster DPS: Shadow Priest, Mage, or Warlock

Our current raid schedule:

Tuesday 7:00 - 11
Wednesday 7:00 - 11
Sunday 7:00 - 11

We are only interested in people who can make pretty much all of our raids, and who will outperform the people we're currently using to fill raids. These are core spots and if you make it, you can expect to be in every raid.

Our second group runs on Thursdays and clears Dragon Soul in roughly 2 hours. It is made up of alts and subs from the main raid. We do a variety of heroics in that group as time allows.

You can apply at http://www.reanimatedguild.net/apply or contact Syrio or Truelight in game.
Bump for a good, old guild!
Still looking!
Hey I'm planning to transfer here today. I know a solid 5-6 players that will form a raid group. If you want to know my experience in cata look at this armory (specifically the dates of kills). If you would like to know my past WoW experience reply to this post and I will post the link to my old paladin. FYI I quit playing this character before firelands. I know what I'm doing as a paladin and raid leader and I will form another solid raid group for your guild. If you would be interested in helping to fill my group to a full 10-man guild group I would be more than delighted. Remember you need to have a inni before you can go outie.

-Inni, Defender of Innocence
Talk to me in game whenever you can; I should be on and off most all weekend long.
Okay. I'm officially transferred and ready to start my group.
Still looking for more per the original post. The DK spot is most likely filled. Highest priority right now would be on a warlock or shadow priest.

We could also use an additional tank if the right one comes along.
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11/02/2011 05:46 AMPosted by Fredzilla
Kracon is uggleh

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WTB DI and Replen!
<3 Kracon
Wait people actually like Kracon? Man, times have changed.
11/04/2011 03:32 PMPosted by Rusthole
Wait people actually like Kracon? Man, times have changed.

I know, right?
Still looking for more.
Hi syrio good to see you still around.
people don't actually like kracon they pretend to so he doesn't make the jump 8D
Still looking for more.
11/08/2011 11:36 AMPosted by Sunzu
people don't actually like kracon they pretend to so he doesn't make the jump 8D

on topic: are u looking for arena teams?
Damn, you all would be recruiting when I'm in a raiding guild.
Miss competing with you guys for alliance firsts back when Aegis was around, hope you find what you're looking for.
I wish I wish I was a fish.

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