[A] Reanimated · 8/8 Heroic DS · 3 Day

Burning Legion
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379 it restro shaman ms 7/7 FL os is enhance gear is 359+ send me in game mail if ur interested
Bumping this. We are starting a second 10-man raid group to continue to gear out our new recruits and get more people experience. We are currently clearing 8/8 DS and 6/7 Heroic FL weekly. We expect to continue doing FL for the foreseeable future, probably another month or so.

If you are interested please have full 378+ gear, it is easily obtainable from 5 mans, LFR, and BoEs. We are most interested in skilled players, though.
do you has paladins?
We have a few paladins, a regular one in each primary role. We could probably accommodate another tank or dps paladin if they were really pro.
12/06/2011 11:30 AMPosted by Keyboardmash
do you has paladins?

HI HPX.....when we start RBGS?
Bump for a great group of guys and gals!
Still looking for more. Working on our second heroic encounter in DS and had a successful first run of our second group this week.
Still looking for more solid people. Heroic Yor'sahj down!
Bumping. Especially in need of a solid resto druid for our main group, and range DPS for group two.
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grats on warlord. sometimes it takes a !@#$load of attempts to kill a boss like we did this week lol(100 attempts this week, almost 100 last week). feels good when u finally do though :D
lol yeah gratz you guys lol


I hope this guild !@#$ing dies with the rest of the server
Bumping. We need to fill a spot in our main group as soon as possible. If you're unwilling or incapable of filling out an app on our website, please contact Syrio or Truelight in game.
do you guys still need a lock? im a prospective transfer
There are still people who play alliance on this server? You learn something new every day it would seem.
Yes we could still use a warlock. Get in touch with me if you're interested.
Could really use a WARLOCK or potentially any skilled player!

Come be silent with us in vent while we raid! (and occasionally hear me yell with my horrible mic)
Chreese is also a smoking hot M.I.L.F looking for sexy singles to %^-*.

Chreese is also a smoking hot M.I.L.F looking for sexy singles to %^-*.


Sign me up, I am looking for a cougar to tame.

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