[A] Reanimated · 8/8 Heroic DS · 3 Day

Burning Legion
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Our raiding times are CST, as is the server.
Still looking for quality players.
Contemplating a return to the burning legion server. Curious to know your availability of raid spots. Prefer to heal.
We have an immediate opening for a healer in our main raid. If you have any other questions, let us know!
If you want to take the time to take a look and try me out ill have my toon over and ready for next weeks raid.
That would be great. Contact Syrio or Truelight in game once you are over; our next clear raid will be on Tuesday, and we'll also be continuing a raid on Sunday if you want to hang around and check it out.
Looking for happy people to happily raid with us!

Could use a well-geared, knowledgeable TANK or HEALER, as well as a Shaman or Mage for funroism!
Bump for old times.
Still looking for people to farm heroic DS with!
Need happy people to come replace half our raid when Diablo hits!

We offer great benefits such as compassion, warmth, a tentacly-tabard, and 8 bank tabs full of !@#$ no one actually needs!
We are still in desperate need of raiders. We are capable of end-of-fight wipes on Heroic Spine with our godawful comp and random subs but getting every raid together is a challenge.

In particular we need a healer, would prefer a Holy Paladin but could make do with just about anything. We also could use a mage or some other non-hunter range DPS. And we could use a tank as well, right now we are using someone's tanking offspec most of the time.

I've got to believe there are some decent players out there on Alliance somewhere. Even if you don't have top notch gear, if you're not an a-hole and are skilled, hit us up.
More bumps, still looking for raiders. Finally got a double rogue double hunter warrior Spine kill, whee.
still looking for healers? melee dps?

both in one spec perhaps?
We are very much in need of a healer; one with a DPS off spec would be great. We are losing one of our replacements to D3 this week so there is an immediate spot in our main group.
still looking for healers? melee dps?

both in one spec perhaps?

hi can i raid on dobieqtpai
Still looking!
Bump, because I feel your pain.
Bump, getting in the second phase of Madness constantly, even without Heroism avaliable. Just need to fix some things and GG.

Still looking for players.

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